555 Discography

Many of these records are no longer available. To order the remaining one, please check with our distributors or our mailorder page. We are proud to be distributed by Darla.

LPs and CDs:

555CD87/555BK88 The Wetherbeat Scene 88-91 compilation (Out Now!)
555LP83 The Bright Lights Drunker Than You Since '002 (Out Now!)
555LP82 Hulaboy Olympic Krush on (the) Hulaboy (Out Now!)
555LP81 (The) Nervous Rex We're A Garage Band From Modern England (Out now!)
555LP80 Boyracer Sunlight is the Best Antiseptic (Sold out!)
555CS79 Your Cassette Pet compilation (Out now!)
555CD77 Boyracer Jukebox Vol. 1 (Sold out!)
555CS76 Stewart Victory Bruises (Sold out!)
555CD75 Boyracer Flickering B+W
555CD74 Possum Moods (Jen Turrell + Mia Schoen)
555CD73 Boyracer Punker Than You Since '92
555CD72 Boyracer A Punch up the Bracket
555CD71 Beatnik Filmstars In Great Shape
555CD70 Hulaboy The Genius of the...
555LP69 Boyracer Winners, Lo$ers, Cuts and Brui$es (10 Track 10")
555CD67 Boyracer Check Yr Fucking Hi$tory
555CD66 Bit Shifter Life's a Bit Shifter
555CS64 Boyracer Acoustically Yours
555CD63 The Plastic Mastery Sverige EP
555CD62 Lolita Storm Studio 666 Crack Addict Commandos
555CD61 The Needles Choc Toxique
555CD60 The Grey Tapes
555CD59 Cannonball Jane CD
555CD58 Other People's Children CD
555CD55 55 Band Compilation CD
555CD54 mmfan316 CD
555CD53 Origami - Please Exit Quietly CD
555CD52 Jean Bach - Smugglers Downloading Genoveva DMS Tapes CD
555CD51 Lucky Dragons - Dark Falcon CD
555CD50 6955 On the 1's and 0's CD
555CD49 Printed Circuit - Acrobotics mini-album
555CD48 The Loveletter Band - Even The Pretty Girls Take Medicine (Split release with Red Square Records)
555CD47 The Bright Lights
555CD46 Figurine - The Discard EP
555CD45 Boyracer - Bsides and Besides CD
555CD44 Australian Festival Compilation (Split release with Red Square Records)
555CD43 Minimum Chips (Never Released)
555CD42 Kanda - It's A Good Name For You CD
555CD41 Fog and Ocean
555CD40 Boyracer - To Get a Better Hold You've Got to Loosen Your Grip
555CD39 Empress - 1996-1999
555CD38 Long Weekend - All Roads Lead to Roam
555CD37 Cathode - The World And Back EP
555LP36 6955 LP
555LP35 Various Artists - The Wedding LP Picture Disc (Split release with Red Square Records)
555CD34 Various Artists - Soft Cell Tribute
555CD33 Lunchbox - Summer's Over
555CD32 The Cannanes/Explosion Robinson/Steward - Felicity
555CD31 The Love Letter Band - Ugly Town Pretty Girl CD (Split release with Red Square Records)
555CD30 Boyracer - Boyfuckingracer compilation CD
555CD29 The Famous Boyfriend complilation CD
555CD28 Cex - Starship Galactica CD
555CD27 Knowing We Was Right From Da Start complilation CD
555LP26 Joan of Ass EP
555CD25 Saucer CD
555LP24 Hood vs. Duo 14 Remix 10"
555LP23 Cex - Role Playa EP (Colour Vinyl)
555CD22 Kyoko - Co-incidental Music CD
555LP21 The Cannanes - Communicating at an Unkown Rate Picture Disc LP
555CD20 Steward - Horselaugh on My Ex CD
555LP19 The Aislers Set - The Last Match LP (Split release with Slumberland Records) (Colour Vinyl)
555LP18 Huon - Disco Square 10"
555LP17 Accelera Deck - Conviction and Crack LP
555CD16 Various Artists - Chihuahuas and Chinese Noodles - 555 Remixed CD
555CD15 Huon - Hung Up Over Night Enhanced CD
555LP14 The Remote Viewer - Quiet Is The New Loud Mini-LP
555LP13 Crabstick - Discoverooster LP
555CD12 Various Artists - You Gotta Get More Alive Compilation CD
555LP11 Downpour LP (Unreleased)
555LP10 Kid 606 - GQ on the EQ 10"
555CD9 The Famous Boyfriend - Making Love All Night Wrong CD
555LP8/555CD8 The Remote Viewer LP/CD
555LP7 Huon - Epic LP
555LP6 The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers LP (CD available on Darla Records)
555LP5 Steward - Goodbye To Everything You Love LP (CD available on Darla Records)
555LP4 Various Artists - These Are Testing Times compilation CD
555LP3 Empress debut LP (CD available on Pehr Records)
555LP2 Hulaboy - As Tight As An Owl With The Hulaboy LP (CD available on Harriet Records)
555LP1 Steward - Get Me A Seat Next To Someone Nice LP

7" EPs:

55548 THE CANNANES / MYTTY ARCHER / BOYRACER split 7" (Out Now!)
55547 BOYRACER / QUE POSSUM split 7"
55546 Lögnhalsmottagningen "öron näsa" EP
55545 Boyracer / Beatnik Filmstars split 7"
55544 Boyracer / Mytty Archer split 7"
55542 Boyracer It's not True Grit, It's Real Dirt
55541 Figurine limited lathe cut
55540 Printed Circuit limited lathe cut
55539 Praying Mantis (a.k.a. Lunchbox) limited lathe cut
55538 Lucky Dragons limited lathe cut
55537 Boyracer limited lathe cut
55536 Other People's Children limited lathe cut
55535 Boyracer 5" Limited clear vinyl free with initial copies of 555CD40
55534 Halkyn 7"
55533 The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers - Help Me Catch This Fly Picture Disc 7"
55532 Kanda 7" - Dormitory Heartbreaks
55531 Long Weekend - Mould 7"
55530 The Aislers Set/The How split 7" (Colour Vinyl)
55529 Lesser/Pisstank split 7" (Colour Vinyl)
55528 Cex - Get Your Badass On 7" (Colour Vinyl)
55527 Downpour - Don't Go Breaking My Art 7" (Colour Vinyl)
55526 Huon - Tragedy 7"
55525 Kid606/LSR European Tour 7"
55524 Amy Linton/Stewart Anderson 7" (Split release with Slumberland Records)
55523 The Cannanes - "William" c/w "Miserable"
55522 The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers - Lunchdate EP
55521 Jean Bach - Sans Le Playback EP
55520 Kid606 / The Remote Viewer Split Picture Disc
55519 Halkyn - Behind the Snow (Split Release with Umbababayee Records)
55518 Beachbuggy - Ya Just A Little Punk
55517 Long Weekend - Thin Lipped Song EP
55516 Empress - Homeward Sounds (CD available on Pehr Records)
55515 The Aislers Set - Been Hiding (Split release with Slumberland Records)
55514 Andrew Beaujon and Women In Rock - Throw the Apes / Click and Drag
55513 Hood - (the) Weight
55512 The Famous Boyfriend - At Least We're Trying
55511 Various Artists - Truth Against The World compilation EP
55510 Empress debut EP (CD available on Pehr Records)
55509 Mike Nichols and His Excellency - Soda Glass EP
55508 New Bad Things - "Mabel" + 3
55507 The Famous Boyfriend - No-One Will Give You Anything
55506 The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers - "King Me" c/w "Those Qualified for Telephony"
55505 Boyracer - "Present Tense" c/w "Doubtful" (Split release with Happy Go Lucky Records)
55504 Mike Nichols and His Excellency - Hitch A Wagon EP
55503 Amy Linton & Stewart Anderson - Hipsters, Scenesters, Teenstars and Fakers
55502 Father - Dancing Major EP
55501 Hood - Lee Faust's Million Piece Orchestra

Other Stuff:

5x555 The first five 7"s in a packaged set
555 T-Shirts High quality heavy cotton in grey or ivory with maroon print featuring artwork from Craig "Remote Viewer" Tattersall. Limited.

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