Here is an updated (10/13/03) selection of new, unreleased, and current material from the world of 555; An MP3 sampler, if you will.

1) BOYRACER - A History of Snakes

From the forthcoming EP "Check Yr Fucking History" (555CD68). Fast and frantic, just how you like it.

2) LOLITA STORM - I Am Your Enemy (excerpt)

From the CD "Studio 666 Smack Addict Commandos" (555CD62). Abrasive, Sexy, Sassy. Everything you wish your band could be and more.

4) GREY TAPES - White Ant

From the debut CD (555CD60). David Nichols is a genuis. That, if you werent already aware, is all you need to know.

5) THE NEEDLES - Ditherpop

From the CDEP "Choc Toxique" (555CD61). Foxy girl trio from Philadelphia PA. Slinky hip-swings, kittenish pop.

6) THE PLASTIC MASTERY - I Fell In Love on the Way to a Funeral (excerpt)

From the Svergie EP (555CD63). Tallahasse FL will never produce such beautiful boys and girls ever again.

7) MMFAN316 - Sunday Morning

From the debut CD "Pop Music With Dot Matrix" (555CD54). Mysterious low-tech retro hardware electronica from Fukuoka Japan.


From the CD "Delete Control Escape- A Selective History Of..." (555CD58). Jason Sweeney, Melbourne man about town, cute as a button with tunes to match...swoon!

9) PRINTED CIRCUIT - Act Robotic

From the CD EP "Actrobotics" (555CD49). Awesome grrrl electronics from Leeds, UK.

10) KANDA - Charlie Green From the debut CD "It's a Good Name For You" (555CD44). Adorable synth pop duo once of New York, now relocated to the PDX.

11) LUCKY DRAGONS - Heartbreaker

Philadelphia loose-knit electro acoustics. From the CD "Dark Falcon" (555CD51).

12) FOG AND OCEAN - Untitled 5

From the CD (555CD41). 555 Supergroup.

13) JEAN BACH - Dancemix 1996

From the CD "Smugglers Downloading..." (555CD52). From Ausburg, Germany.

14) SAUCER - Untitled 5 (excerpt)

From the CD (555CD20). Hey, anyone remember slo-fi? Saucer has members of The Wedding Present and Empress. Had been sold out of this for quite some time, but I just got a bunch of returns if anyone wants one...

15) FAMOUS BOYFRIEND - Your Heart's Not In It

From the CD 555CD29 (originally released as mail-order only 555CD9). Frustrating East Lancs flawed genius.

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