Robert A. (Bob) Hardy
1738 Goodwin Street
Seaside, CA 93955
(408) 550-5974

Objective: Seeking a responsible position in data storage, backups, systems administration, customer support, or help desk that utilizes my considerable background in technical support, systems administration and help desk implementation. Would consider part-time and/or remote access.

Languages/ Software: EMC (Legato) NetWorker, Symantec (Veritas) NetBackup, perl, Emacs, HTML, Mailman, vi, sh, csh, tcsh, bash, gcc, make, NIS, NFS, HP OpenView Data Protector (OmniBack)

OS/ Hardware: Linux, Solaris/SunOS UNIX, Mac OS X, Altos/SCO UNIX, SCO UNIX, HP 9000 (series 300, 400, 700, 800) running HP-UX, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.


2007 to  2017 Senior Consultant, Prosum Technologies, El Segundo, CA
Consulting at a large high-tech company in San Jose. I provided technical backups management services (originally using NetBackup with StorageTek hardware, later using NetWorker and 4 Quantum libraries), and storage filer (NetApp) support. I replaced and/or upgraded disk drives, power supplies, interface modules, memory, HBAs and motherboards. Helped migrate backups systems from Sparc/Solaris platform to Linux/Intel architecture, from StorageTek to Quantum hardware, and from NetBackup to Networker. When needed, I did some switch port resetting and zoning configuration debugging, primarily on Brocade hardware. I also oversaw 5 international sites, monitor and maintain their backups environments.

2007   Systems Administrator, Mpingi Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
Performed OS installations on data center servers, rebooted wedged server systems, helped build new server systems, installed desktop systems with CentOS and kept them current with yum and installed many other applications natively built with gcc, implemented an experimental NIS server and imap mail server, created an intra-net web server, installed nmap, nessus, and other security and monitoring software titles, maintained a spreadsheet of installed open source software titles, helped draft and polish corporate policy documents, performed port-scans and preliminary security assessments on corporate web servers, created an office technical library.

2005 to 2006  UNIX Systems Administrator, Manpower Group, San Jose, CA
Consulting at Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA
Gathering and preening data from internal corporate survey and direct interviews on NIS service requirements within customer's company, generating graphs and reports (working in Excel) on usages and needs of internal client groups for future planning of internal NIS support. Also, gathered hosts information for upcoming revisions of internal NIS maps and DNS, around 1,650 hosts altogether, spread across several domains, with servers located in California, Washington, Minnesota, India, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.

2000 to 2005  Sr. Information Systems Engineer, Sanmina-SCI Corp., San Jose, CA
ECMS group (Enterprise Computing and Messaging Services) in which the emphasis of my work was on sendmail, POP, email, aliases, scripts, mail gateways and other areas of specialty involving mail and messaging services. Administered many mailing lists using Mailman, and ported hundreds of older mailing lists from their old flat-file configuration to Mailman. Trained many users to administer their own mailing lists using the Mailman web interface. I personally administered Solaris POP mail servers located in California, Alabama, New Hampshire, Mexico, Canada, Europe, etc.

Previously, as UNIX Security/Systems Administrator, supported the global Information Technology corporate infrastructure. I joined the newly-created Enterprise Security Group, UNIX Security Group, Vulnerability Management Group, and contributed to the development of new policies for the company, enterprise-wide, drafting several corporate policy documents. Rebuilt Sun E4000 system to be Oracle 8i server, and another for FrontLine. Built and installed over four dozen software tools, libraries, etc. for all UNIX mail (and some other) servers, mostly from open-source; also built and installed bind, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, zlib, etc. on critical UNIX (Solaris) DNS servers. Upgraded sendmail to latest version (8.12.10, at the time) and developed configuration for POP mail servers. Also upgraded sendmail and beefed up spam protection on corporate mail gateways. Implemented prototype NIS/NFS/automounter environment for UNIX admin group, and created large automounting software library of tools for Sun (Solaris) architecture. Running enterprise production and disaster recovery backups with HP OmniBack II (3.5, 4.1 and Data Protector) and large HP DLT tape library, which was later upgraded to a bigger IBM LTO library. Some hardware purchasing, mostly for Sun systems. Working mostly in Solaris 2.6, 2.8, and HP-UX 11.0 and 11i. Sun workstations and enterprise systems, HP Superdome, V-Class and N-Class servers.

1995 to 2000  UNIX System Administrator/Postmaster/Webmaster, HAL Computer Systems, Campbell, CA
Working environment included over 1,000 hosts, and 400+ users, in a heavy hardware design and CAD/CAE setting. Implemented new call-tracking and problem-tracking system for all System Administration issues, using Vantive HelpDesk (UNIX-based) software. Acted as intranet webmaster, UNIX sysadmin, working with NIS, NFS, email and user applications problems, OS installations, hardware replacements, processing of employee terminations, etc. on a daily basis. Established and supervised Helpdesk for approx. 1 years. Implemented the Vantive Helpdesk application. Created new web-based interface to Helpdesk on internal website, implemented CGIs for handling of forms, updated many web documents, created new web documents for Human Resources and other departments, a new look and feel for the intranet web, new policy document tree and worked with MIS and Microprocessor Division staff to create a new, comprehensive data collection and report generation web server. Provided UNIX technical support for external (marketing) webmasters. Supervised and implemented project to replace and/or upgrade web servers to Solaris 2.6, Apache 1.3.9, and update many old Intranet documents. Added php, ASP and mod_perl features to Intranet web servers, to support "triage" system of machines that interfaced to a dedicated web server to provide reports and gather statistics for Microprocessor Division. More details here.

1994 to 1995  Advanced Systems Technical Support Engineer, Acer America, San Jose, CA
Supported Altos and Acer/Altos hardware products, including AcerAltos and Altos (UNIX-based) computers and server-level products, proprietary Altos EISA bus cards, etc., for the entire world; Altos/SCO UNIX, including TCP/IP, ODT, MPX, etc. Provided heavy phone and fax support. Developed small application program to deliver and grade technical quiz to qualify resellers for UNIX and DOS, working in C. Helped track customer issues, and participated in the patch release cycle.

1992 to 1993  Customer Support/SysAdmin, AIM Technology, Santa Clara, CA
Support for UNIX network analysis, performance and resource accounting software. Heavy phones, email and fax. Systems administrator of a heterogeneous network of Suns running SunOS, PCs running PC-NFS, Macintoshes and DECs running UNIX. Assist in porting some applications to new UNIX platforms. Manufacturing of tapes and floppies for product delivery. Completed Sun Advanced System Administration course in Dec. 1992.

1988 to 1992  Scientist, Customer Support, Lucid, Inc., Menlo Park, CA

1991 to 1992  Support for Lucid Common Lisp on HP9000 (HP-UX), SCO and Interactive UNIX (386), SGI, IBM PS/2 and PC-RT (AIX). Phones, email and fax to international accounts in France, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Israel, etc. QA/testing too.

Also at Lucid:

1988 to 1991  Designed, implemented and maintained Common Lisp product test suite, used to analyze and QA Lisp language software on many UNIX platforms. Added new tests, helped VARS operate test suite in-house, upgraded internal tools for bug database, and participated in the release cycle for products across all machine platforms, including Sun, Apollo/Domain, HP Series 9000 (Model 300 and 800), PS/2, Encore, VAX-Ultrix, DEC, SGI and IBM. Working in C, debugged and fixed internal tools for bug report database. My first exposure to UNIX and Lisp.

Worked offsite by telecommuting from Chico, CA, and at the same time maintained good working relationship with internal developers as well as with the testing departments of OEMS and VARS. Worked onsite in Menlo Park about 50% of the time.

Other Experience: Published music reviews and articles in "The Musician's Guide" (later "Musician"), and "B.A.M.". Published software bug fixes and articles in "Antic" and "ANALOG Computing" magazines. Contributing author and staff reviewer for "Atari Classics" magazine. Author of several freeware titles for DOS. Attended 1 year at Sacramento City College. Webmaster at PMI (a pro audio reseller and service provider) and Ocean Artist Management (both now defunct), Neptune Bob's Astrology and Hardy Talent Dot Com. Past member of internet Info-ZIP group, and IJPEG group. Extensive audio and electronic sales, purchasing and technical experience in the '70s and '80s. Some retail database application coding and administration experience, working in R:Base.

Additional training: "Advanced System Administration", Sun Education, 1992; audited various hardware courses in-house at Acer America, 1994; "How To Think Outside The Box", "How To Work With Difficult People" seminars, 1996; "1st Things 1st", 1998; "PhotoShop Intro", 2000; "HP-UX System and Network Administration I" and "HP-UX System and Network Administration II", 2001; "Introduction to NetApp Products", "NetApp Hardware Fundamentals", "FAS3000 Series Hardware Maintenance", 2008; "Programming in Perl (Theory and Practice)", 2011; "Introduction to Perl Programming", 2013.

Other Interests: Playing, writing, performing, producing and recording music ( and The Dick Peddicord Band), electronics, literature, photography, cosmology, psi research, spirituality, spicy foods, Chinese tonic herbs. Graduate of five residential programs at The Monroe Institute, Faber, VA. Past member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA.

References and letters of recommendation available upon request.