Connor's 7 week birthday

Birth Statistics

Date of Birth2/13/2000
Time of Birth2:23 AM
Weight7 lbs 8 ozs
Length20 inches
Duration of Labor30 hours

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Connor's Aunt Julie has some nice pictures on her Connor page, too.

And check out my new sister, Kinsey.

Fall, 2001

Thanksgiving, 2001

December, 2001

Giddey up, Daddy Playing with Dad Time to fix the heat
Just standing around and playing with Shannon Trying on a hat
Doing amazing things with Spatulas "Where'd Shannon go?" Christmas haircut
Ready for the rain Sharing Papa C's cake Ready to help at the warehouse
Playing puzzles with Roarke Checking out the tree
Carpooling... Good stuff in the stocking a compact Good idea, Cleo
"Look at her go"
Sittin' on the futon
Family of Elfs

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