About Smart Software Consulting

I first started creating software in 1980 on an Apple ][ connected to an old clunky television. Shortly after that, and well before Apple came out with the Macintosh, I founded my first computer company, MAC Computers. MAC Computers was a money losing proposition, though not a big one. The final, insurmountable loss came when I got a refund check for about $40 from an electronics distributor. The check was made out to "MAC Computers", but I, just a 16 year old kid, was unable to convince the bank that MAC Computers and I were one and the same entity. If only I had opened a business account with the bank before trying to cash the check, things might have turned out differently for MAC Computers...

Despite my early entrepreneurial setback, my interest in computers did not diminish. In 1995, after fifteen years of educaton and experience, I founded my next company, Smart Software Consulting. I have been turning buzzwords into reality for my clients ever since. Be sure to check out my résumé for descriptions of some of the projects I have worked on for various clients over the years.

If you have some buzzwords that you would like to realize, please contact me. I would be happy to discuss your project and my services in greater detail.

David MacMahon

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