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2002-03-06 TiniHttpServer 1.0 released.

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2001-08-14 Important advisory notice to users of TiniHttpServer regarding the Code Red and Nimda worms.

What is TiniHttpServer?

TiniHttpServer is free software that turns your TINI into a very powerful, industry-standard web server! TiniHttpServer is the easiest, fastest, most powerful, and most cost effective way to put your TINI on the web!!!


TiniHttpServer is installed on your TINI by running a single deploy script! The excellent documentation included with TiniHttpServer walks you step-by-step through the installation process!


TiniHttpServer installs in just minutes! The entire installation process takes less time than drinking a cup of Java!

Most Powerful

TiniHttpServer supports server-side web programming using industry standard Java Servlets! TiniHttpServer is highly configurable and produces industry standard log files that are compatible with third party web traffic analysis tools!

Most Cost Effective

TiniHttpServer is freely available under the GNU General Public license! The complete source code is also included at no charge! For OEMs and System Integrators wishing to utilize TiniHttpServer, but not wanting to make their proprietary code available under a GNU GPL license, a Professional License is also available.

As distributed, TiniHttpServer is ready to serve up your Java applets, HTML documents, images, and other files directly from your TINI, plus it is bundled with nine demonstration servlets.

Who Created TiniHttpServer?

TiniHttpServer was created by Smart Software Consulting. Founded in 1995, Smart Software Consulting is a software consultancy that specializes in turning clients' cutting edge technologies into mainstream products. As we like to say, "Turning buzzwords into reality since 1995."

How Can I Get TiniHttpServer?
How Can I Learn More About TiniHttpServer?

TiniHttpServer and full documentation are freely available online (click here).

What Are People Saying About TiniHttpServer?

TiniHttpServer is being used in dozens of countries around the globe, making it a very literal part of the World Wide Web. The quotes below are just a sampling of the positive feedback that TiniHttpServer has generated. Send your TiniHttpServer success story to TiniHttpServerSuccessStories@smartsc.com.

"I would like to thank you for THS. Its very easy to use and runs perfectly." - Kristian Viggo Hänsel

"Thanks for writing the TiniHttpServer and making it available as GPL software -- it's proved useful in the project I'm working on, and having the source available has been very handy." - Ewen McNeill

"Your program is very good, well done on writing this program!" - Peter Vial

"I have been very impressed with the size/performance TiniHttpServer!" - John Lowe

"Your server works perfectly well. Thank you for your precious help." - Barman Frédéric

"[TiniHttpServer is] not just an astonishing achievement on the TINI it's a massively useful component in larger scale systems." - John Wilson

"After working and evaluating TiniHttpServer for a few days, I found that this program has great potential for use in my project development." - Stephen Wong

"I would like to thank you for your efforts with TiniHttpServer. I have had lots of fun tinkering with it on a Tini." - Jwahar Bammi

"I have not fully explored TiniHttpServer yet, but I was impressed at how quickly I got it running and customized for my needs. Good work." - Andrew Gilmartin

"TiniHttpServer has been doing a great job for me in the past couple of months" - Wesley Stupar

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