Jean-Luc Boudreau Alto Recorder after Denner

Jean-Luc Boudreau Alto Recorder after Denner (Photo: Vince Ho)

Jean-Luc Boudreau Alto Recorder in European Boxwood after J. Denner, with moulded polyester resin mounts. The recorder is tuned to baroque pitch A=415.

This is probably one of the very first Denner that Jean-Luc has made. It has a lot of problems, especially concerning the cedar block. We shipped it back and forth to fix it. As it turned out, Jean-Luc was not quite sure of the thinness of the beak in relation to the block, and ultimately made the block in the wrong size. The block kept warping and coming out of the beak by itself. The problem was solved when he put in a stablised block that he usually used for his Asia-Pacific customers where the weather was hot and humid. The Denner started to sing incredibly well right away, and the recorder never has any problems since.

The original recorder is #34, Coll. Musikhistoriskmuseum Copenhagen. It is in three pieces, with a length of 500mm, and is made of light brown boxwood. All three sections stamped I.DENNER/I(tree)D.

Alto f' J. Denner, Nürnberg Museum Kopenhagen #34 (Photo: Heinz Ammann)

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