1970 DELF Italian Harpsichord

This is the 1970 Delf Italian Harpsichord which I have purchased from EMS of Bradford, England. Its structure and specifications are very similar to the Devon Zuckermann Italian harpsichords of the 1970s. The only major difference is that the Zuckermann has hand stops for the registers while the Delf uses levers. It is quite possible, suggested by Peter Barnes, that this harpsichord was built using a Zuckermann plan, as the similarities are remarkable, including minute details like front rail pins and brass end pins. Subsequent photos and actual plans obtained from Carey Beebe and William Mitschell seem to support this view.


Case length: 74"
String length: c"@11 7/8"
octave span: 6 3/8"
Range: 54 notes BB-e"'
Stringing: iron
Keyboard: pearwood keyboard, front rail pins
Case: false inner outer on keyboard only, square tail
Weight: 40 lbs without lid, 60 lbs with lid.
Jacks: wood with brass endpins
guides: wood upper and lower, upper is sectional
Registers: 2x8' + buff

Photo of a 1970 Devon Zuckermann Italian Harpsichord courtesy of Carey Beebe

Photo of a Devon Zuckermann Italian Harpsichord courtesy of William Mitchell

Pictures of my 1970 Delf Italian Harpsichord
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