Mathew Redsell polygonal virginal after Ioannes de Perticis

Mathew Redsell (Toronto) polygonal virginal modeled after a 1684 virginal attributed to Ioannes de Perticis, late 1970s.

This virginal was built using R. K. Lee's plans of the Ioannes de Perticis 1684 instrument. Compass CC/EE to c'''. Transposable keybaord. Single strung in brass. Case in pine, cherry trim and sharps, pau ferro naturals. The instrument was signed MJR on one of the jacks, but no dates were given. The number 27, however, was signed in multiple places inside the case. Redsell estimated that this is among one of his very first instruments due to the fact that it is painted, and hence will be dated back to around 1980. A Canadian harpsichord teacher* was the previous owner. I took posession of this instrument in 2000, and it was in very poor condition. I was thankful that John Germer, a retired harpsichord maker, was willing to restore it for free in 2001. It looked like a challenge but John was absolutely first class in his work, making the instrument sang again within a couple of months. The instrument has since received its most recent service by David Calhoun.

The original instrument was signed Ioannes de Perticis Florentinus Faciebat MDCLXXXIV. It is from the Ralph Richey collection. The instrument was originally crudely repaired by Franciolini, but it was restored by R. K. Lee back to its original configuration, with the exception of the rose as a proof of Franciolini's involvement. Ed Ripin surmised that the original rose was taken by Franciolini for his personal collection. The instrument is estimated to be pitched at A=385 in brass wire. Perticis' rose can be easily reproduced since there is an identical instrument in Goteburg and an ottavino in the Stearns Collection (Ann Arbor) that still retain their orginal rose.

Perticis Rose 1683

Ioannes de Perticis Florentinus Faciebat MDCLXXXIV

* Provinence of the instrument can be requested by email.

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