We guarantee that all genealogical data contained on these Web pages came from some source somewhere. We further guarantee that all data presented here may or may not be correct or accurate.

The point of this of course is "caveat emptor": roughly translated, I think, to "let the reader beware".

What we present here is the collective work of a bunch of hard-working amateur genealogists. None of us can claim to have absolute proof of most of what we present. We work the way most amateur genealogists do, which is to collect whatever scraps of information we can from whatever reasonable source we can find. But that doesn't mean that the data we present here isn't necessarily correct or is unreliable.

In browsing through our database you will notice that most all of the facts presented are footnoted with source references. These source references are here so that the reader can draw his/her own conclusions about the accuracy of the data.

Some of our sources are what would be considered "primary" sources, e.g. contemporary vital records, cemetery headstones, etc. Many are "secondary" sources, i.e. a tidbit of information from a book found somewhere, data relayed from somebody else's database or family group sheets, etc. Some are clearly labeled "speculation" or "submission with no source reference".

We are in a sense similar to the LDS FHL or any other library: we are merely collecting and reporting what we have found, good or bad. It is up to the reader to draw their own conclusions if our data conflicts with some other data they've found elsewhere.

When weighing apparently conflicting data from different sources, the reader must consider the nature of the source itself. A direct (contemporary) church record is better than a transcription of church records; a transcription of church records is (often) better than somebody's genealogy chart, which may contain errors; the genealogy chart is more likely to be reliable than recollections from somebody's 95-year-old grandma who can't remember what happened yesterday. You get the idea: let the reader beware.

However, we are firm believers in trying one's best to always be thorough and accurate, so we have made every effort to assure the accuracy of at least the collection of this data from widespread sources. If you have any questions about source material, or if source references are absent or insufficient, then send us and we will provide more information when possible.

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