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A collection of links and information about various personal interests: Science, Space, Science Fiction, Shakespeare, and other oddities....

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"...curiosity, adventure, delight..." The Left Hand of Darkness, U. K. LeGuin

ConJosé, Worldcon in San Jose in 2002! And some upcoming science fiction conventions... 09/08/99

My current television science fiction obsession is Showtime's "STARGÅTE SG-1", in its fourth season on Showtime and third season in syndication on Fox or your local independent. Check my SG-1 Links for pointers to schedules and more information.

Still searching for Kate's quote on "too many facts" from Shockwave Rider, J. Brunner

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These pages are either incredibly cobwebby or still under construction... but if I move them higher on the list, I might work on them!

The Heirs of Captain Nemo

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Science Fiction


SF Landscape: Vasquez Rocks
Alaska: Winter Journeys
Minnesota: Fact or Fantasy

Seasons Winter98/99

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