It seems that you were looking for Lab7.htm
Perhaps you were reading some very old WebPage somewhere, and it had the URL which you clicked just now. Or perhaps long ago when that URL was valid, you bookmarked it, but now when you tried to use that bookmark you find that it no longer works. Please be advised that the URL became invalid many months ago when the file was moved to a new location. I've just recently become aware of the many failed attempts people have made to get access to such moved files, and I've just yesterday (Jul.19) guessed that my .htaccess file which I needed to make PHP work on my account here might also be used to re-direct such failed attempts to some help system I set up. So just last night I created this new PHP to provide that help. But before I tell you where the file has moved to, I need you to tell me where you found that obsolete URL so that I can correct it so that others won't follow it just as you did.

If you clicked on a link in some WebPage and ended up here, please go back to that WebPage that referred you to here, copy the URL of that WebPage, then click on that link again to get back here. Next, click here: Log in guest1 (password is free), then send me a short message telling me that URL you copied for the referring WebPage (i.e. paste that URL into the message textarea). If you want me to let you know when I've fixed it to point to the correct new location, then also tell me your e-mail address in that short message. Otherwise just check that WebPage (and any new followups I may have posted) from time to time to see the new URL.

If that was just your personal (obsolete) bookmark you followed to get here, log in as above, and tell me your e-mail address and the name/location of the bookmark (so you'll be able to find it again), and I'll e-mail you the corrected URL for you to install yourself in place of the old URL.

Note that guest1 is a public shared account for people who don't have individual accounts. All messages sent from the guest1 account are visible to anyone else who logs under the same public account. So be sure *not* to say anything in a message from that account that you wouldn't want some random person to see. If you want to talk with me privately, you need to establish your own personal account here. To do so, first send me e-mail, where your message will be mixed in with tens of thousands of spam so I'd never see it even if I spent the time browsing my mailbox, then log in as above to send me an alert that you sent me the e-mail, so I will know what to look for when I'm searching my haystack of spam to find your needle of legitimate message.
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