Here are some reading lists I've collected.  I've asked people for things that will help answer the question of what the economics of socialism would be, so this is not anything like a complete tour of the horizon.--Ross

Responses From the Boulder Study Group

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 21:05:39 -0700 (MST)
Subject: [ASDnet] Socialist Reading List

I had started organizing a DSA study group which has been partially
successful. The Gonick article really got people going. We have done
Ollman's essay twice and not done well. Might be circumstances. First time
shortly after Sept. 11 (so we discussed that). Then this Sunday we ended
up discussing other stuff. Maybe it is too dry for some, too obvious for
others. Haven't done the others on this list.

Dave Anderson

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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 22:26:28 +0000
From: Jason Schulman <>
Subject: [ASDnet] Socialist Reading List

Rather than add to Joe's list of books, I'll provide websites that Dave
(or anyone else) can print out.

Bertell Ollman, "What Is Marxism?":

Chicago Women's Liberation Union, "Socialist Feminism: A Strategy for
the Women's Movement":

Cy Gonick, "A Democratic Socialist Vision for the 21st Century":

Leo Panitch, "Globalization and the State":

Bill Tabb on globalization and the "new" economy:

- Jason

From: Michael Pugliese <>
Subject: [ASDnet] A Democratic Socialist Bibliography (Editors Son Eyeballed) Part One...
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 15:41:45 -0700
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A Democratic Socialist
I'm gonna be strict! M.P.
Comments interspersed. S/B= should be.
~will be my symbol for corrections~

 DSA Home Page | Left Magazines | Left Resources on the Net | DSA Literature
| Intro to Left Ideologies | Books by DSAers

A Democratic Socialist Bibliography
Resource In Progress Produced by the Democratic Socialists of America [1993]
The following list is a resource. It is not meant as a complete
bibliography, nor do all of the books represent the political perspective of
the Democratic Socialists of America.

Introduction to Basic Marxism
 Introduction to Democratic Socialism
 Socialist Strategy and Socialist Vision
 European Socialism
 Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
~By '93 it was fSU)~

 Progressive Economics
 The Politics of Imperialism
 History of the American Left
 The Labor Movement and Class Relations
 Contemporary Party Politics
 Students and Youth
 Gay and Lesbian Politics, and Sexuality
~Update to GLBT ???)~

 Radical Education
 Religion and Socialism
 Environmentalism and Green Politics

Marx-Engels Reader edited by Robert Tucker, Norton: 1972.
~s/b W.W. Norton.

Marx Dictionary by Tom Bottimore by Terrel Carver, Polity Press: 1987.
~s/b Terrell Carver~

Karl Marx: His Life and Thought by David McLellan, Macmillan: 1973.
The Twilight of Capitalism by Michael Harrington, Simon and Schuster, 1976.
Prison Notebooks by Antonio Gramsci, International Publishers: 1971.
Marxism: For and Against by Robert Heilbroner, Norton: 1980.
~W.W. again~

Leon Trotsky by Irving Howe, Viking: 1978.

A Gramsci Reader edited by David Forgacs, Lawrence and Wishart: 1988.
Marxism: An Historical and Critical Study by George Lichtheim, Routledge and
K. Paul: 1964.
~K. s/b Kegan~ My copy was published by Praeger.

Lenin and the End of Politics by A.J. Polan, University of California Press: 1984.
Toward the Finland Station by Edmund Wilson. 1972.
~Publisher is Doubleday, I think. Or Random House/Vintage. Not on my shelves

Socialism: Past and Future by Michael Harrington, 1989.
~Publisher, Arcade.~

Essential Works of Socialism edited by Irving Howe, Yale University Press: 1986.
Liberating Theory by Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel, South End Press: 1986.
Democratic Theory and Socialism by Frank Cunningham, Cambridge University Press: 1987.
Spheres of Justice: A Defense of Pluralism and Equality by Michael Walzer, Basic Books: 1983.
Radical Principles: Reflections of an Unreconstructed Democrat by Michael Walzer, Basic Books: 1980.
The Economics of Feasible Socialism by Alec Nove, Allen Unwin, 1983.
~George Allen & Unwin~

The Crisis of Historical Materialism: Class, Politics and Culture in Marxist
Theory by Stanley Aronowitz, Praeger, 1981.
Democracy and Capitalism: Property, Community, and the Contradictions of
Modern Social Thought by Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis, Basic Books, 1987.
The Transition from Capitalism to Socialism by John Stephens, MacMillan Press, 1979.
Politics Against Markets: The Social Democratic Road to Power by Esping-Anderson, Princeton University Press, 1985.

The Future of Socialism by Anthony Crosland, Greenwood: 1977.
Hegemony and Socialist Strategy by Ernesto Laciou and Chantal Mouffe, Verso: 1985.
Social Movements and Political Power: Emerging Forms of Radicalism in the West by Carl Boggs, Temple University Press: 1986.
The Socialist Debate by Bogdan Denitch, Pluto Press: 1990.
Citizen Action and the New American Populism by Harry Boyte, Heather Booth and Steve Max, Temple University Press: 1986.
~edited by~

Visions of Emancipation: The Italian Workers' Movement Since 1945 by Joanne Barkan, Praeger: 1984.
The Origins of Socialism by George Lichtheim, Frederick Praeger: 1969.
A History of European Socialism by Albert Lindman, Yale University Press: 1983.
~s/b Lindemann, no?
Add the huge book by Donald Sassoon that got the Deutscher Prize.

European Socialism by Carl Landauer, Berkeley University Press: 1959.
The End of the Cold War: European Unity, Socialism and the Shift in Global Power by Bogdan Denitch, Minnesota: 1990.
~s/b University of Minn.~

Let History Judge by Roy Medvedev, A.A.Knopf: 1971.
~subsequent edition I have, revised, published by Columbia Univ. Press,
1989. Columbia also has a new volume by Medvedev, "Post-Soviet Politics."~

Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution: A Political Biography 1888- 1938 by Stephen Cohen, Oxford University Press: 1938.
~s/b publishing date s/b 1978, no?

The Alternative in Eastern Europe by Rudolph Bahro, Verso: 1981.
The New Class: An Analysis of the Communist System by Milovan Djilas, Praeger Books: 1957.
Intellectuals on the Road to Class Power by Ivan Szelenyi and Gyorgy Konrad, Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovich, 1979.
Limits and Possibilities: The Crisis of Yugoslavian Socialism by Bogdan Denitch, Pluto Press: 1990.

The Mean Season by Fred Block, Richard Cloward, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Frances Fox Piven, Pantheon: 1987.
Marxism and Politics by Ralph Miliband, Verso: 1983.
~Nope, part of the Marxist Introduction series from Oxford Univ. Press
edited by Alan Ryan.~

The Nature and Logic of Capitalism by Robert Heilbroner, W.W. Norton: 1985.
Regulating the Poor: The Functions of Public Welfare by Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, Pantheon: 1971.
The Fiscal Crisis of the State by James O'Connor, St. Martin's Press: 1983.
~original edition '72 or '73. When I read it in one of Jim's classes at UCSC around '82 or '83, battered used copies were scarse. Michael Keaney has written a new introduction to a reissue coming out soon, I think from
Guilford. (Guilford, btw, published a book, some character named Michael Pugliese is thanked in. Plug for the Pug...Chip Berlet and Matthew Lyons,

Right-Wing Populism: Too Close For Comfort."~

The State and Political Theory by Martin Carnoy, Princeton University Press: 1984.
The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism by Daniel Bell, Basic Books: 1976.
~Revised edition with big new afterword by Bell.~

Revisiting State Theory by Fred Block, Temple University Press: 1987.
Regulating the Lives of Women by Mimi Abramovitz. South End Press: 1988.
State Power Socialism by Nicos Poulantzas, NLB: 1978.
~reissued by Verso recently.~

The Politics of Social Policy in the United States edited by Ann Orloff, Theda Skocpol, and Margaret Weir, Princeton University Press: 1988.
The Limits of Legitimacy by Alan Wolfe, Fress Press: 1977.
~The Limits Of Legitimacy: Political Contradictions of Contemporary Capitalism. New York: Free Press, 1977. ~

The New American Poverty by Michael Harrington, Holt, Rinehart and Winston: 1984.

The Jobless Future: Sci-Tech and the Dogma of Work. by Stanley Aronowitz and William DiFazio. University of Minnesota Press. 1994.
The Next Left: The History of the Future by Michael Harrington. Henry Holt and Company: 1987.
The Deindustrialization of America by Barry Bluestone and Bennet Harrison, Vintage Books: 1983.
~S/b two "t"'es in Bennett.Full title, "The Deindustrialization of America : Plant Closings, Community Abandonment, and the Dismantling of Basic Industry." Published by Basic Books, I think, not Vintage/Random House.

Beyond the Wasteland by Samuel Bowles, David Gordon and Tom Weiskopf, Anchor Books: 1984.
Visions and Nightmares by Robert Lekachman, McMillan: 1987.
~above the publisher of John Stephens book, same publisher, spelled
differently.Which way? Heh, hopefully not Blair's Third Way or Giddens!~

The Great U-Turn by Barry Bluestone and Bennet Harrison, Basic Books: 1987.
~Hmm, did I make a boo-boo above, with the other co-authored vol. by Bennett and Bluestone? Anyway, Bennett still has two "T"'s. "Tea for Two and Two for Tea..."

The Economic Report of the People by Center for Popular Economics, South End Press: 1986.

Real Security: Restoring American Power in a Dangerous Decade by Richard
Barnet, Simon and Schuster: 1981.
Tunnel Vision by Juliet Schor and Dan Cantor, South End Press: 1987.
America, Russia, and the Cold War by Walter LaFeber, Knopf: 1985.
The End of the Third World by Nigel Harris, LB. Iauris: 1986.
~Tauris, as in the below, THE PALESTINE / ISRAEL CONFLICT: Suffering under David's star ... ... ISRAEL. Palestine and Israel: The uprising and beyond. David McDowall. lB Tauris. London 1989. Invaluable. Brave and perceptive analysis of the conflict and its ...

Dependent Development: The Alliance of Multinationals, State and Local Capital in Brazil by Peter Evans, Princeton University Press: 1979.
From Marshall Plan to Debt Crisis by Robert Wood, University of California Press: 1986.
Aid as Obstacle: 20 Questions About Our Foreign Aid and the Hungry by Frances Moore Lappe, Joe Collins, and David Kinley, Institute for Food and Development Policy: 1980.
The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Threat by Alan Wolfe, South End Press: 1984
~Nope, published by IPS. South End Press published another volume by Wolfe

Democratic Socialism in Jamaica by John and Evelyne Huber Stephens, Macmillan: 1986.
Inevitable Revolutions: The U.S. in Central America by Walter LaFeber, W.W Norton: 1984.
Bitter Fruit: The Untold Story of the American Coup in Guatemala by Stephen Schlesinger and Stephen Kinzer, Doubleday: 1982.
~aside, Stephen is a son of Arthur, Jr.~

Rules of the Game: American Politics and the Central America Movement by
Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers, South End Press: 1986.
In Whose Interest? A Guide to U.S.-South African Relations by Kevin Danaher, Institute for Policy Studies: 1984.
Just and Unjust Wars by Michael Walzer, Basic Books: 1977.
Roots of War by Richard Barnett, Penguin: 1973.
~s/b Barnet this time.

Michael Pugliese

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 21:09:03 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Kohn article (fwd)

We read this article. Good discussion. Kohn is apparently a DSA member


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 23:51:21 -0700
Subject: Kohn article

Hi Dave, the Kohn article I was talking about is at the web
site. The one I'm thinking about is in the management section of his
periodicals. It's the one from Compensation & Benifits Review, called
Challenging Behaviorist Dogma: Myths About Money and Motivation.


Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 21:10:51 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Colorado DSA study group (fwd)

we read Joe's essay at first


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Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 20:42:45 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Colorado DSA study group

"History is a frustrating thing because it is never clear and clean.
There's never two steps forward without at least one step back. History
moves in better and worse directions at the same time. Many of the people
I know who are disillusioned these days belong to a generation that
believed everything would come to them in their time."---Si Kahn, union
organizer,singer,folk musician.

Trying to figure out what the left should do next? Just recently, we in
Colorado DSA started a study group to provide a venue for interested
individuals to discuss/ investigate/ learn more about democratic
socialism. We don't want to just react to the evils surrounding us. We
want to be able to articulate a vision of a free, just and equitable
society. How do we redistribute economic, social and political power from
the few to the many? That is, how do we build a democratic socialist
society? At the same time, we must be involved in the current progressive
movements. We need to integrate our theory and practice. We're also
getting to know each other and getting to understand each other's

We meet every third Sunday after the monthly Colorado DSA meeting. Our
next meeting is on March 18 at 6 p.m. at Penny Lane, 1795 Pearl Street, in
Boulder. We plan to meet there from now on. This time, we will discuss an
essay by DSA leader Joe Schwartz entitled "Toward a Democratic Socialism:
Theory, Strategy, and Vision."

For more information on the study group, contact Dave Anderson at 303
449-2511 or at He has paper copies of the
Schwartz essay. It is also available on the national DSA website
(http:www// Click on the box with a question mark. Then click
on "archive," then "literature." The Schwartz essay is on that list.

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 21:12:26 -0700 (MST)
Subject: dsanet: What you all have been waiting for (fwd)

an old email on socialist reading


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 03:09:44 -0700
From: Shannon Hammock <>
Subject: dsanet: What you all have been waiting for


    What follows is the reading list for beginning socialists as
suggested by the two lists. (SocNet and DSAnet) I have added nothing
and deleted nothing. Therfor, it is not what I think is appropiate, but
just what people suggested. And suggestions, corrections, criticisms,
etc. are welcomed. And please, even if you are just lying to make me
feel good, someone tell me that this helped them out even just a teeny
weeny bit.

Peace, bread, work, and freedom,
Shannon Hammock

                 "the good times will come"

1984---George Orwell
After The Wasteland: A Democratic Economics For The Year 2,000---S.
Bowles, D. Gordon,and T. Weisskopf, , Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, 1990
Against Capitalism--- David Schweickart, Cambridge University Press, 1993.
All That is Solid Melts Into Air---  Marshall  Berman
An Alternative Vision: The Socialist Party in the 1930s--- Frank A. Warren
Ambiguous Legacy: The Left in American Politics---James Weinstein
Anarchism: From Theory to Practice--- Daniel  Guerin.
Anarchism:  Left, Right, and Green--- Ulrike Heider
Animal Farm---George Orwell
Arguments for Socialism---Tony Benn
Bending Cross, The--- Ray Ginger
Capitalism For Beginners---  Lekachman &  Van Loon.
Capitalist Patriarchy and the Case for Socialist  Feminism ---The Zillah Eisenstein reader,
Chaos Or Community: Seeking  Solutions, Not Scapegoats,  For Bad Economics---(Author?)South End Press, 1995.
Chomsky Reader, The ---Noam Chomsky
Class and Politics in America---Richard Hamilton
Collateral Damage: The "New World Order"  At Home And Abroad---Cynthia Peters (ed.) South End Press
Communist Manifesto---Marx and Engels
Conquest of Bread, The--- Peter Kropotkin
Corporate Ideal In the Liberal State, The---James Weinstein
Dark Victory: The United States, Structural Adjustment and Global poverty ---W. Bello et al,Food First, 1994
Decline of Socialism in America: 1912 - 1925, The--- James Weinstein
Democracy and Capitalism---S. Bowles and H. Gintis, , New York,  Basic Books, 1986
Democracy for the Few--- Mark Parenti
Democracy In America---Alexis de Toqueville
Dispossessed, The--Ursula Leguin
Economics of Feasible Socialism, The--- Alec Nove
Essential Works of Socialism--- Irving Howe
Fragments of the Century--- Michael  Harrington
Global Village or Global Pillage: Economic Reconstruction From The
Ground Up ---J. Brecher and T. Costello, , South End Press
Hommage to Catalonia--George Orwell
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa--- Walter Rodney:
Ideology and Power---Noam Chomsky
Jungle, The-- Upton Sinclair,
Karl Marx--- David McLellan
Karl Marx: Selected Writings---David McLellan, ed.
Karl Marx's Theory of History, a Defense---G.A. Cohen
King Coal---Upton Sinclair
Lion and the Unicorn, The--- George Orwell.
Looking Backward--- Edward Bellamy
Long Distance Runner, The---Michael Harrington (1988).
Making of the English Working Class, The---E P Thompson
Market, State, And Community: The Theoretical Foundations Of market Socialism---David Miller, Clarendon Press, 1989
Marx-Engels Reader, The---Richard Tucker, ed. (2nd edt)
Marx For Beginners--- Rius
Marxism and Politics---Ralph Miliband, (Oxford U. paperback, 1985,
Marxism and Morality---Steven Lukes (Oxford U. paper, 1986?)
Marxism: An Historical and Critical Study--- George Lichtheim (1961)
Maexism, Morality And Social Justice---Rodney Peffer, Princeton University Press, 1990.
New Left and Labor in the 1960s, The--- Peter Levy
News from Nowhere---William Morris
Next Left, The---Michael Harrington(1986)
Norman Thomas:The Last Idealist---W. A. Swanberg
One-Dimensional Man--- Herbert Marcuse
Open veins of Latin America---Eduardo Galeano
Origins of American Marxism: From the Transcendentalists to De Leon,
The---David Herreshoff
People's History of the United States, A---Howard Zinn
Permanence of the Political: A Democratic Critique of the Radical Impulse to Transcend Politics,The---Joseph M. Schwartz, (Princeton University Pres, 1995)
Poletown--- Jeannie Wylie
Populist Persuasion, The--- Michael Kazin
Race Matters--- Cornel West
Radical Principles---Michael Walzer (1980)
Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, The---Robert Tressell
Rank and File---Alice and Staughton Lynd (1973)
Rethinking Democracy: Freedom and Cooperation In Politics, Economy and Society---Carol Gould, Cambridge University Press, 1988.
Roads To Dominion: Right Wing Movement and Political Power in America--- Sara Diamond
Russian Revolution, The---Rosa Luxemburg
Sacred Hunger---Barry Unsworth
Savage Inequalities---Jonathan Kozol
Selected Political Writings of Rosa Luxemburg---Dick Howard, ed.
Short History of Socialism, A---Lichtheim(Praeger, 1970)
Sixties, The---Tod Gitlin (1987)
Socialism---  Michael Harrington(1971)
Socialism: A Short History---Norman MacKenzie (Harper, 1969).
Socialism after Communism--- Christopher Pierson
Socialism in America---Irving Howe
Socialism:Past and Future---Michael Harrington
Socialisms: Theories and Practices---Anthony Wright (Oxford U. Press, 1987)
Spheres of Justice---Michael Walzer ( 1983)
State in Capitalist Society, The--- Ralph Miliband
Theory of Capitalist Development, The---Paul M. Sweezy
To the Finland Station---Edmund Wilson.
Transition from Capitalism to Socialism, The--- John Stephens
Twilight of Capitalism, The---Michael Harrington
Warrior Dreams: Violence and Manhood in Post-Vietnam America---James William Gibson(1994).
We Have Been Invaded by the 21st Century--- David McReynolds
We The People---Leo Huberman
What Uncle Sam Really Wants---Noam Chomsky
Whole World is Watching, The--- Todd Gitlin
Women and Revolution---Lydia Sargent, ed.
Yonnondio---Tillie Olson

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 21:13:19 -0700 (MST)
Subject: RE: dsanet: What you all have been waiting for (fwd)

a comment....


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 10:50:04 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RE: dsanet: What you all have been waiting for

Thanks for Shannon for compiling this list!  Now we will all make further additions . . .
James suggests "Encyclopedia of the American Left" -- it was edited by Mari Jo Buhle, Paul Buhle and Dan Georgakas, published by Garland Publishing, NY 1990.
A fascinating part of American Left history is that the most Socialist state in the US before World War I was -- Oklahoma!  Two excellent books on this are James Green, Southwestern Socialism and Garin Burbank, When
Farmers Voted Red.
Jim Chapin

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 21:44:08 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Colorado DSA meeting and study group (fwd)

actuallly we didn't read Joe's article first but an article by Barbara
Ehrenreich (see below). Maybe I am sending you too much.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 21:03:47 -0700 (MST)
From: ANDERSON DAVID <andersd@spot.Colorado.EDU>
To: cu-yds@lists.Colorado.EDU
Subject: Colorado DSA meeting and study group

Colorado Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

Our monthly meetings are held every 3rd Sunday at 3:30 p.m. on the
CU-Boulder campus. The Jan. meeting will be in Hellems 230. The February
and March meetings will be in Hellems  259.  A study group on democratic
socialist theory and practice will be held at 6 p.m. at places to be

Monthly Study Group

We've started a study group to provide a venue for interested individuals
to discuss/ investigate/ learn more about democratic socialism. We don't
want to just react to the evils surrounding us. We want to be able to
articulate a vision of a free, just and equitable society. How do we
redistribute economic, social and political power from the few to the
many? That is, how do we build a democratic socialist society? At the same
time, we must be involved in the current progressive movements. So we want
to integrate theory and  practiceand enjoy each others company. Bring
something to eat because we will be having a potluck dinner as well.

Our first meeting will discuss an article by Barbara Ehrenreich which
appeared in The Nation magazine on Nov. 17, 1997 entitled " When
Government Gets Mean: Confessions of a Recovering Statist." 

 For more information on the study group, contact Dave Anderson at 303
449-2511 or at (copies of the Ehrenreich
article are available).