My Computer Games Wanted List 
Revision 12 (July 1, 2001)

Here is a list of some of the items that I'm looking for.  It's mostly
older games, but there are a few exceptions; in no case are any of these
things that I can get by just walking to a nearby store.

I'm after game cluebooks/hintbooks/strategy guides in particular, which
are often much harder to get than the corresponding game (assumming that
it's at least several years old, that is).  What I've listed here is far
from exhaustive.

I've recently moved and started a new job, so I've throttled back on the
purchasing considerably, though not completely.  I should get back up to
speed shortly.

A few notes:

* Unless otherwise indicated, all games must come in the original box
  with original parts and original media.  I've tried to indicate
  some unusual game parts in brackets, but I haven't tried to be
  systematic about this (and besides, I'm relatively new to this, so
  there are probably some parts I don't know about or forgot).  To
  the people who tell me about abandonware sites: yes, I know about
  these; I've known about them for longer than you have, in all
  likelihood; and that's not what I want anyway.
* Unless otherwise indicated, all games must be for IBM.  (I'm really
  picky about this.)  I'll consider non-IBM packages but won't pay
  nearly as much (for anything valuable non-IBM item, you're better off
  putting it on eBay, GameTZ, etc., unless you want to trade rather
  than sell).
* I'll consider incomplete packages as well, but for less than full
  price (depending on what's missing).
* For very rare games, I'm willing to trade away multiple less rare
  titles about my collection (if you think you have something very rare,
  ask about what you want and I'll let you know if I have it).  I've
  denoted these below with a ** marker.
* I can be reached by e-mail at

And here we go:

The Top Ten Wanted

Archon -- preferably in the square folder.  Sort of like "action chess".
Autoduel - the Origin strategy/RPG.  I only need IBM-specific parts.  
  [Trade Pending]
Border Zone -- [matchbook] standard Infocom box.
Computer Gaming World back issues -- want these issues: #24 (5.5), #45,
  #58, #59, #73-101.  Should be in decent shape (no pen marks, significant
  tears, or the like), but they don't need to be flawless or anything of
  that kind.
Dungeon Master I -- the original!  Much harder to come by than Dungeon
  Master II.
King's Bounty -- in original packaging.  Slash release is okay but I
  won't pay nearly as much for it.
Microsoft Decathlon -- in the dark bluish-gray hard plastic folder.
Neuromancer -- only need IBM-specific parts (box, reference card, disks).
Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress -- [cloth map] the more common
  package in the small gray box. **
Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams Clue Book.  I'm also sort of looking
  for the re-release of game game itself in the smaller package.

The Other Ninety Wanted


Adventures of Willy Beamish -- CD-ROM version; I'd take a CD by itself,
  but would like a full package.
Alternate Reality: The City -- the rare RPG.  (Its sequel doesn't exist
  for IBM, so it's not on this list.)
Amazon: Guardians of Eden -- CD-ROM version; prefer complete package
  but I'll take a loose CD.
Asylum -- by Med Systems; was once widely advertised, but it's very rare
  now.  **
Breakers -- the Synapse Electronic Novel.  This one comes in a box.
Brimstone -- the Synapse Electronic Novel.  This is a slipcased book with
  a disk inside.
Corruption -- [cassette tape] any package type (other than the Magnetic
  Scrolls Collection).
Cruise for a Corpse -- a later detective adventure (there haven't been
  many of these lately).
Dark Castle -- the classic action game.
Dondra: A New Beginning -- okay if the hologram is not present.  Also
  its later renamed version (which may be all that exists for IBM --
  sources here are contradictory).
Dream Zone -- in original box.
Earthrise: The Solus Incident -- somewhat obscure for an adventure game,
  but it's one of the last commercial games to have some kind of text
Enchanter -- the earlier folio version.
Fallout 2 -- UK version of the game (the censored version).
Fish! -- any package type (other than the Magnetic Scrolls collection).
The Fool's Errand -- the puzzle game.
Forbidden Castle -- either package type.
Fountain of Dreams -- the supposed sequel to Wasteland.
Goldfinger -- either package type. 
Hare Raising Havoc -- a Roger Rabbit (Disney) adventure.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- Solid Gold folder (not the more
  common and more desired standard box).
Hound of Shadow -- old, hard-to-find adventure with a few RPG elements.
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream -- critically acclaimed, low sales.
The Incredible Machine -- boxed DOS floppy version.
The Incredible Machine 2 -- boxed DOS floppy version.
Indiana Jones in Revenge of the Ancients -- either package type.
Infidel -- folio version.
Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb -- New World Computing adventure;
  CD-ROM version preferred to floppy version.  [Trade Pending]
King's Quest Collection -- one of any of the King's Quest collections out
  there on the market.  Starting to become hard to get.
Knights of Xentar -- the CD-ROM adult version; preferably complete,
  though I'd take a loose CD.
Legend of Faerghail -- older RPG; there's a Slash version of this, I'll
  take either but will pay less for Slash.
Martian Memorandum -- original version of the Tex Murphy adventure.
Mindshadow -- original package type.
Mindwheel -- the Synapse Electronic Novel.  This is a book with the game
  disk inside.
The Mist -- based on the Stephen King novella.
Murder on the Zinderneuf -- Electronic Arts adventure game that comes in
  the square folder.
Myth -- the ultra-rare Magnetic Scrolls adventure game.  There are several
  other games by this name.  **
Nine Princes in Amber -- any package type.
Oo-Topos -- either version.
Perry Mason: Case of the Mandarian Murder -- any package type.
Planetfall -- Solid Gold folder.
Planescape: Torment -- UK version of the game.
Privateer I Speech Pack -- must have box.
Quest for Glory Collection -- any one of several QfG compilation packages.
Rambo: First Blood Part II -- either package type.
Rendezvous at Rama -- any package type.
Roberta Williams Anthology -- I only need the package, I've got the
Rogue -- commercial version of the ancient game that predates the PC.
Shadowgate -- ICOM gate, original version preferred though I'll take
  IBM repackagings for this one.
Sorcerer -- "folio" (early) version.
Starcraft -- Korean version.  (C'mon, it's *really* common.  Well, on
  the other side of that ocean, that is.)
Starcraft: Brood War Expansion Pack -- Korean version.  (Ditto.)
Starcross -- folio package (the renowned saucer package).
Suspended -- folio package (the renowned mask package).
The Talisman -- in original box.
Ultima Trilogy -- packaging of Ultima I, II, and III in one box.
Ultima VI + Wing Commander I combination package -- on CD, boxed version.
Ultima VII Complete Edition -- not The Complete Ultima VII; this one
  looks like the Serpent Isle box and has a yellow strip around it.
Ultima Underworld + Wing Commmander II combination package -- on CD, boxed
   version.  [Trade Pending]
View to a Kill -- either package type.
Voodoo Island -- either package type.
Wing Commander Kilrathi Saga -- [calendar] yes, it costs an arm and a leg,
  but I do want a copy, heh.
Wishbringer -- Solid Gold folder.
The Witness -- early folio version that comes in a "police file".
Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empire Limited Edition -- [T-shirt] analogous to
  the Ultima VI limited edition.
Wizardry Trilogy -- the package that has Wizardry I/II/III in one box.
Zork I -- folio version (blister pack).  [Trade Pending]
Zork II -- folio version (blister pack).
Zork III -- folio version (blister pack).

Game-related materials

Altered Destiny Hint Book. 
Avatar Adventures (book by Caroline Spector). 
The Book of Clues 3 (a book in the Questbusters' series)
Companions of Xanth Hint Book.
Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus Clue Book.
Invisiclues for the Infocom games (lack many; both booklets and maps;
  OK if booklet developed and faded so long as the book itself is in
  reasonable shape) 
Les Manley: Lost in L.A. Hint Book.
Lord of the Rings I Clue Book.
Magic Candle I Clue Book (well, I do have a copy, but it's heavily written
  in).  [Trade Pending]
Magic Candle III Clue Book.
Questbusters back issues (any of them; even in small numbers is good).
Secret of Monkey Island II: LeChuck's Revenge Hint Book.
Space 1889 Clue Book.
Spellcasting 201 Hint Book.  
Spellcasting 301 Hint Book.
Starflight I Clue Book.
Starflight II Clue Book.
Starcraft Protoss Zealot action figure, in original packaging (OK if
Starcraft Terran Marine action figure, either kind, in original packaging
  (OK if opened).
Starcraft Zerg Hydralisk action figure, in original packaging (OK if
Tunnels and Trolls Clue Book.