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How to print these maps?

Remember, These maps are not to be used for Navigation.

When printing these images, especially the newer, hi-res black and white images, you shouldn't print them directly from your browser (Web Browsers are good "jack of all trades" programs, but they are really designed to view on your screen, not provide hi-resolution print functions). If you do not have a good graphics program, get lview from a shareware ftp site. Save the map to your disk and load the graphics program (or you can change your browser, such as Netscape, to load the graphics program automatically). From your graphics program, select full page print or fit to page. Then the map will fit a single page of 8 1/2 x 11 paper and will be properly detailed and the contours will be smooth. (You could also import the map into your word processor and print that way.)

Maps have been test printed using Corel Draw and lview 3.1.
Note: When printing some of the maps using lview, you may get a message warning of the possible overflow of the page. Just ignore this message, the map should print fine.
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