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Post from: Acorn

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Post from: mizraith@stanford.edu Mon Aug 16 17:07:54 PDT 2004

FYI... couple of things to note:

There is a great, CHEAP, hack for creating 40kHz light signals....it's a little cheaper than using a PIC and
basically relies on feedback for a 74HC04 (hex inverter).    What's your email?  I'll send you a pdf of the

Also......all us GC's gotta share info a little more.  I could totally have warned you that IR beacons don't
work by daylight.  *in fact* they don't work by highways either...turns out the bouncing headlights oscillate
enough to confuse the cheap little receiver elements.  I learned that one in Wonka.

<<more in next message>>


We were impressed by the Druid's survival.  So much so...we opened ours up.   One more hint I would love to
see passed on to anyone doing electronics in the Game...>POT ALL OF YOUR ELECTRONICS<.   We found that
simply hot-melt-gluing and potting all of the components greatly increased the survival rate (and
moisture/shock survival) of our Overnightmare electronics.  I would recommend that any team pursuing
electronics seriously consider encapsulation for survival.


Great job, guys!

Final...those of you getting started...definitely take a look at the PIC processors and also a the ATMEL
processors.  The dev tools and dev environments are CHEAP and easy.   There are a lot of free PCB design
programs now, too.  Additionally, burning PCBs in one's garage is nearly trivial if you've ever done
photography.   The only catch to all this...electronics needs serious survival and torture tests prior to
use (and backup plans, too)!!   I recommend a 30 minute soak in your freezer....pull it out and see if it
still works.  Try some heat tests, too...and a few drop tests onto concrete.

thanks guys!!

Post from: Acorn

Thanks for the feedback, Red.  I especially appreciate the feedback from you because Wonka was my first
game and the IR audio transmitter/rcvr you made was the inspirstion for the 8-ball gadget and then the
DRUID. So thanks for the inspiration!


Post from: anonymous Sat Oct 16 07:24:26 PDT 2004


very impressed with the good stuff you make!!! It's a pleasure to see that still there are people making and building all these cool gadgets, working with electronics and writing SW. But most important, having a cool spirit!!!

Congratulations!!! :)

Santiago Quijano

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