Gadgets of Justice Unlimited

The Justice Unlimited game used a number of electronic gadgets. This page describes those electronic gadgets and how they were designed and built.


DRUID stands for "Device for Recovery, Understanding, and Interpretation of Data." It is the primary gadget in the Justice Unlimited game.

DRUID is a wrist-mounted information device. It contains a number of features useful to teams playing in Justice Unlimited.

  • Short Range Sensors for finding clue hiding places
  • Code-entry ability for uploading codes to JU Headquarters
  • Reference section with a variety of information

Click here to read more about DRUID, its capabilities, and its implementation.

Short Range Transmitter

The Short-Range-Transmitter is a device which emits an IR (infra-red) signal which the DRUID can detect with its Short-Range-Sensors.

Click here to read more about the Short-Range-Transmitter.

Bat Blinker

The Bat-Blinker is a clue which spells out messages in the air when you spin it around your head on a string.

Click here to read more about the Bat-Blinker

Resistor Clue

The Resistor Clue is a circuit which is itself a clue. The solution is encoded in the componants (resistors) on the circuit board.

Click here to read more about the Resistor Clue.

Technical Information

Here is a page describing PIC Microcontrollers which we used in several of the Justice Unlimited gadget circuits.

Here is a page describing the design and manufacture of the circuit boards used in the Justice Unlimited gadgets.

Here are the parts lists (with suppliers and costs) for each of the gadgets.

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