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9, "Bruce and Dick were enjoying a drink at Daniel's pub."
7, "The view of the gotham city nature preserve outside was more breathtaking than la."
9, "Suddenly the riddler crashed his honda into the center of the bar."
13,"riddle me this he exclaimed as the honda exploded against the gotham skyline."
9, "how many russian deer can run along thornwood ridge without falling off?"
4, "dont you dare open that can of worms exclaimed dick."
5, "there is not enough space for both of us in this town cried bruce."
10,"you'll never foil my plan to sell venison preserve jam cackled riddler as he ran off."

1, "\"What will you do now, Batman?\" asked the Riddler as the dynamic duo dangled over the hostages."
9, "\"If you stay still, one of the hostages gets showered!\""
3, "\"And the wetter they get, the more they'll attract the rabid rats!\""
5, "\"If you move, all the hostages drop into the Bay!\" The Riddler laughed and ran off."
12,"\"Holy bursting bladders, Batman!\" Robin cried. \"I can't hold it any more! I have to pee!\""
5, "\"You've got to hold it a little longer, Robin!\" said Batman as he tapped his utility belt."
4, "\"Once this solvent dries, the rope will be brittle enough for you to break free!\""

RIDDLE: what gets wetter the more it dries?
ANSWER: "towel" or "a towel"

This file Copyright (C) 2004 by Nathan (Acorn) Pooley
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