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Albums, EPs and Singles

Get Me A Seat Next To Someone Nice

LP   555   555LP1 (Numbered edition of 500) (Steward 01)

Track Listing:

  1. Waste
  2. Feed My Scars Tonite
  3. Paint The Windows Shut
  4. 3.99
  5. Hamfisted, Chromatic
  6. Choking On Cold Air
  7. Counterfeit Astonishment
  8. A New Technique
  9. Denied By Circumstance
  10. Compassion Is Found In The Strangest Of Places
  11. Despite Everything
  12. Greenstick Fractures
  13. Blvd 4
  14. Pinsharp Focus
  15. A Real Natural
  16. Sweet (Fridge)
  17. Towpath Legacy pt. 2
  18. Such Thoughts On You
  19. Blvd 3/Missing You
  20. CD EP pts 1 and 2

Recorded at home on 4-tracks Jan-April 97. Songs played by Steward with help on tracks 1, 11, and 18 by Nicola (vocal) and bass (11). All songs Anderson except 11, 18 Anderson/Hodgkinson and 19 pt2 J. Waite.

Adam, Marco, Me

7"   Rocket Racer   RR003 (Steward 02)

Track Listing:

  1. Conserve, Consider, Create
  2. You Are Too Generous With Your Time
  3. Alphabetically Yours

Recorded at home August 1997 on 4-tracks. Songs written and performed by Stewart.

The Last Wasps Of Summer

7"   Orgasm   SPASM18 (Steward 03)

Track Listing:

  1. The Last Wasps Of Summer
  2. Downpour Remix

Recorded at home on 4 tracks. Side A Anderson, Side AA Anderson/Adams.

There Is No Money In Rock And Roll

12"   Blackbean + Placenta   ACME55 (Steward 04)

Track Listing:

  1. My Eye Teeth
  2. Indecision
  3. Transpennine
  4. Arcadia 64
  5. Concentration/Break
  6. M.E.T.2
  7. Sing For Yr Supper
  8. Jet Boy Jet Girl
  9. Matty-Lectro
  10. Can We See The Framework?

All tracks written and played by Stewart Anderson, except track 8 which was written and released in 1978 by Elton Motello. Matty Green helped out by playing lead guitar on track 2, drums on track 5, and moog/space drum on track 9.

Goodbye To Everything You Love

LP   555   555LP5 (Steward 05)

Track Listing:

  1. Can't Force The Hand
  2. Loverboy
  3. There Is Good When We Try
  4. Backpedal
  5. I Would See You Right
  6. Bit Part Actor Come Good
  7. XXX
  8. Who Is In Yr Corner?
  9. An Unpaid Debt
  10. XXX
  11. The Days Run Thru Our Fingers
  12. XXX
  13. Low Blood Sugar
  14. I Spent My Money Too Quickly
  15. Cindy Two
  16. Where Are Our Ambitions?
  17. Options
  18. I Stir With Such Good Intentions
  19. Conserve, Consider, Create!
  20. Fly Guy
  21. XXX
  22. Aperture
  23. Downfall

Songs written/played by Anderson. Matty Green played organ on track 7 and lead synth on track 16. Recorded at home on 4-tracks. For best results play at 33rpm on broken/cheap stereos.

Goodbye To Everything You Love

CD   Darla   DRL-087

Track Listing:

  1. Can't Force The Hand
  2. Loverboy
  3. Backpedal
  4. I Would See You Right
  5. Towpath Legacy Pt. 2
  6. An Unpaid Debt
  7. Bit Part Actor Come Good
  8. Where Are Our Ambitions?
  9. Waste
  10. The Days Run Thru Our Fingers
  11. Compassion is Found in the Strangest of Places
  12. Low Blood Sugar
  13. Cindy Two
  14. I Spent My Money Too Quickly
  15. 3.99
  16. Conserve, Consider, Create!
  17. This Land is Nervous
  18. M.E.T. 2
  19. Fly Guy
  20. Hamfisted, Chromatic
  21. The Last Wasps of Summer (Downpour Remix)
  22. Concentration/Break
  23. I Stir w/ Such Good Intentions
  24. Denied by Circumstance
  25. (unknown)

Most tracks taken off the vinyl LP Goodbye To Everything You Love. Tracks 5,9,11,15,20 and 24 are taken off the debut LP Get Me a Seat Next To Someone Nice. Track 21 from the double A side 7" on Orgasm Records. Tracks 18 and 22 taken from the 12" EP There is No Money in Rock and Roll. Track 17 taken from the These Are Testing Times compilation CD. Track 25 from an aborted 7" on some Spanish label that never came out.

All tracks written and performed by Anderson, except Track 21 Adams/Anderson. All tracks recorded at home on 4-tracks. Nicola sings on track 9. Matty plays lead synth on track 8.

You'll Never Be That Young Again

7"   Instatone Brand   (Steward 06)

Track Listing

  1. You'll Never Be That Young Again
  2. Putnam, Potter, Goodwin, Dunphy Circa 88
  3. Worst Fears Confirmed
  4. Theme Revisited: The Sell Out Expectant

The Man With The Tiny Hands

7"   Explain it to Me, Central Pennsylvania   (Steward 07)

Track Listing

  1. The Man With The Tiny Hands
  2. Ice Cream for Breakfast
  3. I Feel Glove
  4. He Dispenses With Timid Afterthoughts
  5. Party Parting

I Was The Only Boy On The Netball Team

CD    Blackbean + Placenta   BBPTC 191 (Steward 08)

Track Listing

  1. Gentle Obsession
  2. Heavy Water by Stadium remixed by Steward
  3. The Man With The Tiny Hands Lens Cut/Slow mix by Accelera Deck
  4. Silver Sodapop by One Star remixed by Steward
  5. You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands
  6. Backpedal remixed by Kid 606
  7. My Boy Knows
  8. Aube Sound Sources assembled by Steward
  9. Bit Part Actor Come Good remixed by Figurine
  10. You Push Too Hard Sometimes
  11. Departure by Acetate Zero remixed by Steward
  12. Stewardz Bonus Beatz

Recorded at home on 4 tracks, 1999. Tracks 1,5,7,10, Anderson. Previously Unreleased. Track 2, Anderson/Stadium. A different version of this mix appears on the 12" EP on Intercontinental Records of Paris, France. Track 3, Anderson/Jeely. The original version appears on the Steward 7" EP on City Bleach Rrecords. Track 4, Anderson/Nobe/Tsuboi/Ohmori. Original One Star recording appears on the CD Triangulum on Flavour Records of Japan. Track 6, Anderson/Kid606. Original Steward version taken from the Goodbye To Everything You Love LP/CD on 555/Darla. Track 8, Anderson/Aube. Alternate mix from the forthcoming Aube remix CD on Elsie and Jack Records. Track 9, Anderson/Figurine. Original Steward track from the vinyl LP Get Me A Seat Next To Someone Nice on 555 Recordings. Track 11, Acetate Zero/Anderson. Taken from the Acetate Zero vinyl LP Softcore Paradise on Orgasm Records.

Steward Loves You

CASS    (Numbered Edition of 10)

Track Listing

  1. The Man With the Tiny Hands
  2. Ice Cream For Breakfast
  3. You Live Your Life in Fast Forward
  4. My Boy Knows
  5. Flatter Me Without Concern
  6. Countdown
  7. Made Faulty Purchase (Alt. Mix)
  8. Who Owns Real Talent?

Given away free at the Slumberland Records Tenth Anniversary Show, December 1st, 1999. All tracks written and recorded at home on 4-tracks by Stewart.

Hood/Steward Split

7"   Jonathon Whiskey    Benjamin Whiskey 4

Track Listing
Steward Side:

  1. SilverSodaPop (ONESTAR) - Steward Remix
  2. I'm A Woman, Not Just A Toy
  3. Flatter Me Without Concern For Prejudice

Limited to 250 copies. Recorded at home by Anderson. Track one is a remix of a One Star song.

Horselaugh on My Ex

CD    555   555CD20 (Steward 09)

Track Listing

  1. You Can't Fuck With Nature
  2. Something To Crave
  3. My True Friends Are Golden
  4. Poised For Great Things
  5. Rupert Pumpkin King of My Heart
  6. He is a Genius With His Hands
  7. Take Me Home and Make Use of Me
  8. He Dispenses With Timid Afterthought
  9. Waiting for Our Pasts to Catch Up With Us
  10. You Have Too Much TIme On Your Hands
  11. Don't Be Square (Be There)
  12. Hey Leopard
  13. Our Love Was Tragic
  14. Pissing Out The Poison
  15. Goodbye Leeds 4
  16. Digital Boogie
  17. Golden Years Squandered
  18. Happy New Years
  19. You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth
  20. Heaven

Recorded at home on 4-tracks in Leeds UK 1999-2000. Mastering, sequencing and additional production by Kid606 at 3Beam in San Francisco. All tracks written and played by Stewart Anderson except 5 by Stoess/Steiger, 9 by Anderson/Nichols, 11 by Ant/Marco, 12 by Anderson/Coffey/Gibson/O'Neil, 15 by Anderson/Castle, 19 by Steinman and 20 by the Psychedelic Furs. Guest appearances by Gayle Brogan (Pefkin/Boa Records), Eric Stoess and Amy Steiger (Chong Marker), Jen Turrell (Rabbit in Red), Paula Knight (Girlboy Girl), David Nichols (Huon), Richard Adams (Hood), Andrew Jarrett (Kyoko), Frances Gibson, Stephen O'Neil and Andrew Coffey (The Cannanes), Kid606 (Tigerbeat6 Records), Mary Wyer (Even As We Speak) and Chris Coyle (Halkyn).

Communicating at an Unkown Rate

LP/CD    555/YoYo   555LP21/YOYO16

Track Listing

  1. Hey Leopard
  2. Mirage
  3. Music and Me
  4. Clean Forgot
  5. Fragments
  6. Not Quite Right
  7. SDJ
  8. Remember the Theremin
  9. Sharpie
  10. Kurrajong Hotel
  11. Oh yeah!
  12. Astra
  13. Savage

In Early 2000 Steward found himself in Erskineville with the Cannanes in the process of recording an album. No one expected this to happen but it did. All songs written by the Cannanes and Steward. LP version is a picture disc.

Australian Tour Single

7"   Chapter Music/Blackbean and Placenta

Track Listing

  1. We Are Pure Chrome (featuring Jen Turrell)
  2. Steward's Bonus Beatz
  3. FFWD
  4. Tour Song 2001

Bang! There Goes My Youth

CD   Blackbean and Placenta   Steward 10

Track Listing

  1. Bad
  2. He Is A Genius With His Hands
  3. You Live Yr Life In FFWD
  4. You Say You Don't Love Me
  5. Dial Cone Collective
  6. 8-30 Yr Looking Great
  7. I Am The Magnificient
  8. Happy New Years (Version)
etc. etc. (numerous additional unlisted tracks)

Recorded at home on 4-tracks 1999-2000 in Leeds UK. All tracks written and performed by Stewart Anderson with thanks to Vicki from Burgers for singing on Track 2 and Emily Ingham for vocal and violin on track 13. Track 4 was written by Pete Shelley, tanks Pete, nice one...Beats on track 8 nicked from Kid606 "You Just Don't Understand." Tracks 10,15,17 from a cassette found in a junk shop. Tracks 12 + 16 reco4rded in melbourne on David and Mia's 4-track. Track 14 features samples from "Today's Training Shoe" by Transistor Six. Thank you Frances Castle.

Compilations and Other Appearances

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