What if Xena and Gabrielle had met when Xena was still a warlord?

Been There, Done That, Revisited

An alternative re-telling of the episide, Been There, Done That.

Wedding Night

The aftermath of Gabrielle’s marriage to Perdicus.

Gabrielle’s Answer

Gabrielle’s response to the story told in Wedding Night.

Dancing Day

An early first-time story.

Child’s Play

Another early first-time story.


And yet another early first-time story.


After The Honeymoon

An amusing tale of the X/G relationship some time after all of those first-time stories.

The Finale

Good-Bye To My Hero

A critique of the Xena series finale, A Friend In Need.


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These stories assume that Xena and Gabrielle love each other.

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Two of these stories, Conqueror and Wedding Night, contain scenes that some people may find disturbing. Tread carefully.

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