TINI Components

This page lists the major components of the TINI board. The first column lists the component's label as found on the schematic of Rev E of the TINI board. The second column lists the component's function. The third column provides the component's identifier. If the identifier is shown as a link, following it should download the component's datasheet. The last column lists the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is shown as a link, following it will take you to the manufacturer's home page.

The individual components will not be accessible to developers until native programming tools are available for TINI. Until then, the data sheets will not be very useful. One exception is the DS2502-UNW. This device is accessible via TINI's internal 1-Wire interface. Since this device just contains TINI's unique 1-wire address and ethernet address, however, it is not very exciting.

To find out where each component is located on the TINI board, go to the TINI Legend. To see what the components look like on an actual TINI board, visit the TINI Image page.

Label Function ID Manufacturer
U1 CPU DS80C390 Dallas Semiconductor
U2 Flash ROM Am29F040B Advanced Micro Devices
U3 Ethernet Interface LAN91C96 Standard MicroSystems Corporation
U4 SRAM HM628512BLTT5 (See Note 1) Hitachi Semiconductor
M5M5408BTP-55L Mitsubishi Semiconductors
KM684000CLT-5L Samsung Semiconductor
U7 Real-Time Clock DS1315 Dallas Semiconductor
U8 1-Wire Interface DS2480 Dallas Semiconductor
U10 SRAM Non-Volitizer DS1321 Dallas Semiconductor
U11 Unique ID & Ethernet Address DS2502-UNW Dallas Semiconductor 
U12 Ethernet Filter Module PM-1006 Premier Magnetics Inc.
U14 RS232 Interface DS232A Dallas Semiconductor

Note 1: The Hitachi chip was used on early TINIs. From the mailing list, the other two chips should be suitable as well (in case you want to try to solder one onto the spare SRAM space of your TINI board) The latest TINI we received had some other Samsung chip on it (possibly just a new part number for the same chip).

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