Basketball at 5 am on Christmas Morning

Dateline: 12/25/96

Well, the big boss here at General Internet said we could hang a Gone Fishin' sign out for the holidays, so that's what I'm doin' beginning next week. I'll be back January 8.

In the meantime, it is 5 am Christmas morning and Santa Claus has already been to my house. There are mounds of presents downstairs under the tree just waiting for me to open them. But no one else is awake. Not even my second cousins who are 4 and 6 years old. What is the world coming to when kids aren't waking their parents up at 5 am to open presents on Christmas morning? My cousins have their kids brainwashed. If I'm awake, those kids should be, too! I probably had a bit too much candy last night, though.

Oh well. I figure I've got an hour or two to kill so I'll go through some of my recent notes...

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It's 6:30 and someone else is awake. It's my brother. He's 6'3" and would have been a good off guard if he'd liked the sport as much as I do. There goes my aunt, too. I don't think she's seen a basketball game in years, but she likes my columns. My uncle is up, too. He taught me a lot about how math and science relate to sports. Even my grandmother is awake. She thinks everything I do is the greatest even though she wanted me to be an astronomer and doesn't quite understand my passion for basketball.

But where are those kids? It will be daylight soon and no kids are up! ... Wait, I hear a toy. Here they come. I can hear them.

"Is it time now, mommy?" Dustin says.

"OK, Dustin. It's time," my cousin answers, who is far more mature than I think I can stand.

Roaring out of the bedroom come my two second cousins... finally.

"It's Christmas!!!!" they scream as they run down the stairs.

I think it's time for me to go enjoy the holidays with my family.

Have a Merry Christmas.