A Note on Browsers

I personally can only test my work with Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0 -- the two newest browsers. Just about everything here looks and works as intended with these two browsers. There are exceptions: UNIX versions of Netscape can't handle some of my java and, more importantly, IE does not handle my javascript buttons. If I had time, I would set everything up to detect your browser and automatically generate the mechanics for my content. But, like most people with a real job, my time is limited. With that limited time, I would rather do what you are here for -- the basketball research -- not the computer details.

With that said, I will say that I don't have a strong preference for either Netscape or IE. Both have features the other doesn't and many of these non-universal features are potentially very useful. As someone who uses both javascript and vbscript, I find it annoying that they don't have similar implementations of both languages, Netscape having no capability for vbscript at all. IE has added some very nice utilities in their html, but they cannot handle some very basic javascript. Overall, Netscape still sets the standards for browsers and I generally design for Netscape, but I am itching to incorporate some of IE's features into my pages.

Finally, if you are using AOL's browser, you are not seeing what I want you to see. You are missing help screens, java programs to demonstrate some of the more difficult concepts, and some image maps. What you see on my front page is nothing like what it should look like. You cannot download images as gif images. Basically, you are paying AOL a lot of money for an inadequate product. So upgrade!!! Use Netscape or IE through AOL! My friends at NBA.com can tell you how.