Basketball Hoopla

What I Did

Basketball Hoopla 1988-89 is a book I wrote as a 19-year old, primarily during the month of September of 1988. Some of it is pretty good and some of it is... well, I'm not proud of a few things. Most of the research was done over a year or two, but some was done during that month of writing.

The focus of the book was to answer research questions and just to write a lot, I guess. It was fun and the methods I developed, though somewhat primitive in this book, have lead to a lot of the research I have done since and the scouting job I had with Bertka Views and the Lakers.

Copies of Hoopla

To all the people who have requested "copies" of my book, here it is in pkzipped format. I might actually recommend WinZip to unzip it.

Feel free to download the material as the postscript file or from the web pages. If you like this book and want to send me money for it, don't. Send it to a charity (Red Cross, American Cancer Society, etc.) in my name and let me know.

Among the things I talked about were the effect of the three point shot on the game, how the game has actually slowed down in the '80's (and '90's now), the effect of bench play on winning, what forms the best types of offenses, entirely new ways to evaluate player's scoring effectiveness, etc. It's interesting to read about Charles Barkley while he was in Philadelphia, predicting a trade from there before it happened. It's also interesting looking back on my opinion of Dennis Rodman around the time of his Larry Bird comments, before he established his current persona. Hakeem was spelled Akeem. Michael Jordan was criticized for shooting too much. Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Kevin Johnson, and Reggie Miller were rookies and showing signs of being pretty good. John Stockton became the great point guard he is now. Ahh, but some things never change -- The Clippers were still terrible.

Here are the contents of the book (I recommend using the Index Frame to actually go to them):

If you would like a full postscript version of the book, you can contact me.