Scott Young passed away on Tuesday, March 25, 2008. In his memory, I have revived the VRML Knight website. I think this was the proudest, happiest and most memorable period of his life. Whether known as the VRML Knight or the Carrot Defender or Madea in Gail's World, Scott loved immersing himself within his own formidable imagination. Scott did not have an easy life which only makes more remarkable the fiery passion within which he met it.

Please sign the memorial guestbook and share your thoughts and memories with those of us who remember this truly remarkable being who briefly travelled among us.

I remember starting out billions and billions of years ago as just another layer of protoplasm bacteria in the great soup of life. Since then a lot of things have changed for me. I have had a strange and unique life filled with a rich esoteric value mix with a very cynical sense of karma, such as several very deep near death experience. (but I am feeling much better now.) The work I do is for the HE and the She that forms and are formed from the Tao, creativity in worship of creation.

I would like to thank everyone that I have meet in this Cybernation, for all the support and the time that people have taken to share that of life with me. I have found each person creating some part of me and my friends shaping some deeper fragment, descending into that part of the being that can only be reached by the mind's imagination to leap beyond logic or reason, to go directly into the heart.

We are one tribe and one relation within this world our nation.

-C. Scott Young, VRML Knight, E2A '96

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