Park Henshaw

                                         ┌── Levi Henshaw
                                         │    1769-1843 
                   ┌── Charles Henshaw ──┤
                   │    1813-1892        │
                   │                     └── Ann McConnell
                   │                          1778-1839 
Park Henshaw ──────┤
B: c1845           │                     ┌── Thomas Beall
D: 1915            │                     │
                   └── Ann Beall ────────┤
                        1822-1851        │
                                         └── Elizabeth Dunn
M: Ella E. Henning
   ├── Alicia Henshaw (1872-1878) 1
   └── Mabel Warren Henshaw (1874-1878) 1

M: Harriet M. Bay

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Born about 18452,3,4 [Jul - 18475,6], Missouri2,3,4.  

Park was shown in the 1870 census (Jul 13 1870), Butte County, California:3

Nelson [or Wilson - unclear], Wm. S., age 36, born in Tennessee; saloon keeper; $300 real estate; $300 personal property.
", Pauline [unclear], age 19, born in Ohio; keeping house.
", Mary, age 3, born in California.
", Minnie, age 1, born in California.
Henshaw, Park, age 25, born in Missouri; lawyer; $2,000 real estate, $1,000 personal property.

He married Ella E. Henning7,8 [Ellen Elizabeth Hening1,2, Helen E. Hennery9], Feb 7 18717,8, Clark County, Missouri7,8.  Ella, daughter of James Spencer Hening & Susan Isabella Peake, was born Apr 3 1846, Alexandria, Clark County, Missouri.1,2,9,10,11,12,13  

Ellen was Park's step sister, the daughter of Park's step mother from her first marriage.1,2  

It appears that Park and Ella separated sometime before 1880.  Ella died Jan 6 1916, Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri; age 69y 7m 3d.1,9  

Ella was shown in the 1880 census (Jun 8 1880), living with Park's widowed father (and her widowed step father) and family in Alexandria, Clark County, Missouri:11

Henshaw, Charles, age 80, born in Virginia; parents born in Virginia; farmer.
Henshaw, Bell, daughter, age 22, born in Missouri; parents born in Virginia; single; keeping house.
Henshaw, Ella, daughter, age 33, born in Missouri; father born in Virginia; [mother's birthplace unclear]; married; boarding.
Park was enumerated separately in 1880 (Jun 2 1880) living in a boarding hotel on Main Street, Chico, Butte County, California:4
Henshaw, Park, boarder, age 34, born in Missouri; father born in Virginia; mother born in Maryland; married; lawyer.

He then married Harriet M. Bay, about 1888.5,6,14  Harriet, daughter of Harmon + Ella Bay5,14,15, was born Jun - 18635,14,15 [about 18656], California5,14,15 [New York15].  

Park was a Colonel in the Indian Wars.16  About 1892 Park was a Colonel in the Eighth Regiment, headquartered at Chico, Butte County, California.17  A Second Lieutenant later recalled:17

Colonel Henshaw was a good sport and had a most convivial nature when he was off duty, but when he was on duty, he was a strict disciplinarian.
The same Second Lieutenant further recalled:17
On one occasion, when the encampment was at Chico, on the last day of the encampment, there was to be a grand parade at the Camp Grounds under the oaks in Bidwell Park.  The Colonel was using a very fine white horse for his mount which he had borrowed from a friend and Collins and I decided we would have some fun with the Colonel that day.  Just before the parade took place, Collins and I obtained some nitrate of silver and just before the Colonel came for his horse we striped the horse with the nitrate of silver in rows.  This was not apparent at the time but as soon as the Regiment was in formation, with the Colonel sitting erect on his horse in the sun, the sun's rays commenced to get to work, the stripes of nitrate began to show black, the horse gradually commenced to look like a zebra, the assembled large crowds of people who had come to view the show commenced to laugh.  The Colonel, sitting up stiff and erect in his saddle, did not know what the merriment was all about, but when he discovered the reason, "was he mad"; he borrowed another horse and the parade commenced but the occurrence nearly wrecked the parade.  When the parade was over, the various Companies started to return to their various home towns but the Colonel was running about trying to find who those "son -- -- were who had pulled this dirty trick on him," but he did not find out at the time.  Collins sent me word to keep still, that the owner of the horse threatened to sue the Colonel for $200.00 damages to his fine pet horse but that the Colonel had compromised by having the hair on the horse clipped and so take off the disfigurement to the horse's appearance as the horse itself was not injured.  At the next annual encampment which was held in Colusa, when the week was ended, Collins and I told the Colonel who had been guilty; well he was "off duty," and so was in excellent good humor; several of us had "chipped in" and had ready an open landau with four horses driven by Noah Sligar from his Marysville stable and we invited the Colonel to drive back to Marysville with us.  It was a hot day, a very large cake of ice was placed in the floor of the rig, plenty of bottled refreshments were placed about the ice to keep us cool on the way over.  On the way over the Colonel went to sleep with one of his legs stretched out on top of the cake of ice.  When we arrived at the Western Hotel at Marysville and the Colonel awakened, he couldn't walk, his leg had been on the ice too long; we had to carry him into the hotel; his leg wasn't in good shape for several days; he had another score to settle with Collins and myself. Those encampments were rather lively affairs.

The following article was published in the "Woodland Daily Democrat" (Woodland, California) on June 3, 1895:18

Colonel Park Henshaw, of Chico, commanding the Eighth Infantry, has tendered his resignation to the governor.  He did not assign any reason for so doing.

On August 28, 1897 the "Woodland Daily Democrat" (Woodland, California) published the following article:19

Horsemen are still talking about the great seven-heat trot at Chico last week.  Although Mamie Griffin won the race, Colonel Park Henshaw, who owns her, considers that Jasper Ayers was the best horse in the race.  The colonel offered to bet $1,000 to $750 that Jasper could defeat Zombro, but Charles Durfee, who trains the latter, would not accept.  Zombro, Mamie Griffin, Jasper Ayers and Ethel Downs will meet in Woodland next week.

In 1899 Park Henshaw of Chico, Butte County, California was recorded as a Notary Public as well as a member of the State Board of Agriculture.20  In 1909 Park Henshaw of Chico, Butte County, California was again recorded as a Notary Public.21  

Park and Hariet were shown in the 1900 census (Jun 12 1900), corner of 4th & Chestnut, Chico, Butte County, California:5

Henshaw, Park, head-of-household, age 52, born July 1847 in Missouri; father born in Virginia; mother born in Maryland; married 12 years; occupation: lawyer; rented home.
Henshaw, Hariet M., wife, age 36, born June 1863 in California; father born in New York; mother born in Ohio; married 12 years; no children.
McMillan, Mamie, servant, age 40, born Nov 1859 in Missouri; parents born in Kentucky; single; occupation: cook.
Sullivan, James, servant, age 42, born Aug 1857 in Oregon; parents born in Ireland; single; occupation: hostler.
Summers, Andrew, servant, black, age 50, born July 1849 in Missouri; parents born in Mississippi; single; occupation: gardener.
Ella was shown in the 1900 census (Jun 9 1900), living in the household of Park's sister Emma in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri:12
Henshaw, Ella E., sister-in-law, age 54, born Apr 1846 in Missouri; parents born in Virginia; widow; 2 children, none living.

Park and Hariet were shown in the 1910 census (Apr 15 1910), 334 Chestnut Street, Chico, Butte County, California:6

Henshaw, Park, head-of-household, age 62, born in Missouri; father born in Virginia; mother born in Maryland; second marriage, married 22 years; occupation: lawyer, general practice; owned home (free).
Henshaw, Harriet, wife, age 45, born in California; father born in New York; mother born in Ohio; first marriage, married 22 years; no children.
Henshaw [sic], Ella, mother-in-law, age 62, born in Ohio; father born in District of Columbia; mother born in Virginia; widow; 5 children, 4 living.
Seubert, Katie, servant, age 47, born in Germany; parents born in Germany; single; occupation: servant, private family; cannot read or write.
Bonner, Andy, servant, age 52, born in Kansas; parents born in Kentucky; first marriage, married 27 years; occupation: servant, private family; cannot read or write.
Ella was shown in the 1910 census (Apr 18 1910), living in the household of Park's sister Emma in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri:13
Henshaw, Ellen E., boarder, age 64, born in Missouri; parents born in Virginia; widow; 2 children [number living blank].

On Sunday, January 14, 1912 the "Sacramento Union" (Sacramento, California) published the following social event article:22


Col.C. C. ROYCE and Mrs. ROYCE were given a farewell reception by Mrs. Annie E.K. BIDWELL at the Bidwell mansion Thursday night. More than 150 persons gathered in the spacious rooms of the mansion to bid good-byes to Col. Royce and Mrs. Royce, who have long made Chico their home. On January 20 they are to leave for an extended tour abroad. Mrs. Bidwell was assisted in receiving by Mrs. Guy R. KENNEDY and Mrs. Joseph KENNEDY. For more than three hours the mansion was the scene of one of the most elaborate social functions of the season. The guest list included the following:
... Mr. and Mrs. Park HENSHAW ...

On Thursday, March 20, 1913 the "Sacramento Bee" (Sacramento, California) published the following article:23,24


CHICO (Butte Co.), March 20 - Col. Park Henshaw, the well known Chico attorney and capitalist, who was stricken recently while conducting a case before the Superior Court at Oroville, is in a critical condition to-day following an unusual tax on his strength yesterday when escaping the vigilance of the physician and nurses, he arose from bed, dressed himself and walked a distance of several blocks from his home to the business section, where he met several friends, who congratulated him upon his seeming recovery.  

The close confinement was more than Henshaw, a man of outdoor habits, could endure, but a relapse that may hasten the end has followed the unusual exertion.

Park Henshaw died Jun 12 1915, Chico, Butte County, California; age 67.25,26  

The following article was published in "The Mountain Democrat" (Placerville, California) on July 15, 1916:27

Oroville. -- The Park Henshaw estate has been appraised at $82,875.

Widow Hariet was shown in the 1920 census (Jan 6 1920), 334 Chestnut St., Chico, Butte County, California:14

Henshaw, Harriet M., head-of-household, age 56, born in California; father born in New York; mother born in Ohio; widow; owned home (free); occupation: farmer, fruit farm.
Bay, Ella, mother, age 81, born in Ohio; father born in Maryland; mother born in United States; widow.
Seubert, Katie, servant, age 58, born in Germany; parents born in Germany; immigrated 1888; single; occupation: servant, private family.

Harriet died Sep 9 1922, Butte County, California; age 59.26

(photo)Photo: Colonel Park Henshaw 16


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