Michael Paoli's Home Page ("alternate" site)

Yes, not a whole lot here "yet" (perhaps obviously), but after a long hiatus (last directly available on the Internet <~= 2000-04-22), my web pages are (slowly) coming back on-line. One may want to check back here in some months or so to see when and how things develop (I still have lots of updating and such to do, and this may not be particularly high on my priorities list currently).

In the meantime, for those interested:

Will I be using this site as a primary site? Not really. My current plans are and thus far remain that I'll use this site (likely as long as I'm with this ISP) for my "higher availability" web pages (i.e. they'll generally be available as an alternate, even when my primary site may be unavailable). I'll likely also place a modest amount of content here, likely with some kind of emphasis towards what's (relatively) unique, popular, and where high(er) bandwidth may be particularly advantageous.

And what about primary site? I plan to make that available sometime in the (hopefully) not-too-horribly-distant future. It will also have much more content, as I'm not nearly as space constrained there.