"Michael Paoli's" job openings

LINUX/UNIX Job opening(s) with which I am quite/very familiar. I'm not the hiring manager for these (I'm technically not a manager, and haven't been for quite a number of years). These are, however, job openings with which I'm rather to very familiar, and with which I am, or have been, quite closely associated.

The first one noted below is in the group I'm in with my present employer.

The second one is at least approximately a replacement for the position I vacated with my former employer.


"Jr." LINUX/UNIX Systems Administrator, San Francisco, CA, US

We're looking for approximately a SAGE Level II: Junior Systems Administrator skill set / experience level of LINUX/UNIX systems administrator, based on the information I've received. This position would be right along with myself (Michael Paoli - I joined BabyCenter 2007-04-09) and co-workers as part of a small LINUX/UNIX systems administrators team. One can view the "official" job description here: Systems Administrator. Based on my conversations with the hiring manager, I'd tend to think that at least some of what's stated on that job listing are likely at least a bit overstated (the description may possibly have been reused to a large extent from an earlier more Senior listing). Probably everything mentioned on that posting is, however, at least a "Desired Skills". As of 2007-08-20 we've started interviewing, and will likely continue until we've found the "right" candidate. To inquire, please e-mail me at work regarding questions, etc. To apply, please enter
"Systems Administrator, referred by Michael Paoli"
in the subject line and mention:
as the posting sources, and e-mail as a single e-mail to both my work e-mail address and jobs@babycenter.com and also in that e-mailing, comply with the applicable instructions found at:
Systems Administrator http://www.babycenter.com/about-jobindex-engineering#admin1
For my work e-mail address, apply rot13
(or use tr '[a-zA-Z]' '[n-za-mN-ZA-M]')
If you sent me your resume earlier or have otherwise applied, feel free to e-mail me (at my work e-mail address) regarding status, or let me know if you want to resubmit with an updated resume.

Secondly, there's a position with my former employer in an environment I am very familiar with (I was there through 2007-04-06). To look at the official listing/description, and/or to apply, navigate these links as follows (some of them might possibly change slightly ... also, if you can't find the listing there, that doesn't necessarily mean the position isn't still open):

Last I looked, they'd omitted URL / link to SAGE Level Descriptions, though they'd retained mention of specific SAGE Level in the description of the job opening (I'd included URL in the draft I'd prepared for the description of the job opening - much of which text they included in the posted description). Note that (at least from what I saw as of 2007-04-29) it is listed for multiple locations (e.g. the position could be filled at any one of these multiple locations): Anyway, having worked in that group and essentially that position for about three years (and for that company over 11 years in total), at least unofficially and informally I can probably tell you a fair bit about the company and the group and position. To inquire on that (unofficial information), e-mail me at my personal e-mail address (which can be found under here, among other places). To officially apply, doing so via the Wells Fargo links noted above is probably most appropriate. I did also get the "nod" from the hiring manager to be able to forward along resume(s) and queries if one is looking for "official" answers and information and/or wants to get some of that stuff more directly to them. If you want me to do that, send the resume, query(ies) and/or what have you, to my personal e-mail address, as noted above, and please be sure to clearly state that you wish me to forward (whatever) to the hiring manager. In any case, any applications, to be considered, have to, at least at some point, go through the official process anyway (application on-line and/or actual hardcopy application form; if I'm not mistaken, sooner or later actual hardcopy application form has to be submitted for anyone they're actually going to hire - but I think that form is also available in softcopy (probably PDF) form). Anyway, ... good company and all that, ... I did work for Wells Fargo for a total of over 11 years, after all.