Logical Volume Manager (LVM) on LINUX (BALUG 2005-05-17)

This is essentially a master reference page to the materials on and closely related to the BALUG 2005-05-17 presentation on Logical Volume Manager (LVM) on LINUX by Michael Paoli. Here's the announcement that was sent out regarding the meeting's presentation.

The presentation included a talk, accompanying "slides", live demonstration, some handout materials and responses to audience questions.

The handout materials consisted essentially of a printout of a full set of the "slides". What was actually shown (projected) for the presentation was, intentionally, a very slightly less complete set of "slides". Less important "slides" were skipped, and entirely ignored, or just touched upon slightly in the talk. Other "slides" weren't really designed for presentation projection (large quantities of text), but were rather included as supplemental information.

The "slides" exist here in essentially two formats. As html pages or screen shots.

I did also capture, via script(1), the text outputs from the live demonstration. It's most usefully available as the edited, combined and commented script(1) outputs. Probably not as useful, but for those that may be interested for any reason, I've also made available the raw unaltered script(1) outputs (complete with setup, typos, command history editing, vi(1) output, etc.).

I've also added a P.S. page, which contains some additional / better / more complete answers to some questions asked, some additional related useful or more complete information, errata, etc.