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Chicago from 6 inches above the waterline
(or at least close to shore)
(Northeastern Illinois)
We are not responsible for errors or omissions.
When boating, regardless of water depth, wear a PFD!

Chicago River

[South Fork Pic]

View from Chicago River South fork, to the main river channel

[South Fork Pic]

Dead building along the River.

[South Fork Pic]

What remains of the I&M canal

[South Fork Pic]

Latex fishes swim all over the river.


[Pillars?] [More Pillars?]

Some interesting items I found along the banks of the river.


Barges on the South Fork.


Looking towards Archer, I-55, and a rail bridge near 28th and Ashland.


Chicago River North Branch's brown water flowing around a bend


Approaching the Central Street bridge as darkness begins to fall

Salt Creek

[Near the LaGrange Bridge]

Des Plaines River


A Great Blue Heron, at Isle a la Cache


A White Egret, north of Isle a la Cache

[refine15.jpg] [refine25.jpg]

Oil refinery, Romeoville


Ominous Hofmann Tower, Hoffman Dam, Desplaines River

[Spider Pic]

[WARNING SIGN] [Fishnet.jpg]


Lockport Prairie Warning Sign and Fishnet Rapids (if you can read the sign, your already in the rapids... not exactly a beforehand warning)

Kankakee River

[Kankakee River]

[Kankakee River]

East Race (South Bend Indiana, St Joe's River

[East Race]

[East Race]

[East Race]

[East Race]

Beck Lake

[Beck Lake Pic]

Big Bend Lake


Bullfrog Lake


Busse Lake

[suns150.gif] [reed150.gif]

Little Calumet River

[A sundog]

[View from under I-57 bridge]

Little Calumet River (View of the Ashland Bridge from under the I-57 Bridge)

[Sunken Ship]

My son and a friend paddling inside a partially sunken ship on the Little Calumet River

[Warning sign]

Interesting sign located at the 131st and Ashland boat ramp.

Lake Michigan


Illinois Beach State Park (Zion Nuclear Plant in distance)

DuPage River

[DuPage River]

DuPage River pool upstream from Channahon dam (which was destroyed by heavy rain, 7/96)

Grass Lake (Chain O'Lakes)

[Grass Lake]

Junction of Grass Lake and Fox River

Illinois and Michigan Canal


I&M Canal Lock at Channahon


A very dry I&M Canal at Gebhard Woods


A recliner, under a bridge in Morris.

Lake Calumet

[Bow of Ship] [Stern of Ship]

The CTC#1 at Dock in Lake Calumet

[Starboard view of J.P. Ford]

J.P. Ford at its slip at 130th street


Marquette Park Lagoon partially drained due to a sewer rupture nearby.

Nippersink Creek

[Creek Picture]

Nippersink creek

Saganaskee Slough


My son, paddling hard.

Opeka Lake

[Opeka Lake Pic]

Skokie Lagoon Tower Boat ramp

Sunset on Lagoon#2.

[Sandbar Pic]

Tampier Lake's sandbar pokes up at the end of the season.

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