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When boating, regardless of water depth, wear a PFD!

Web Visitors: There is a new Federal Law regarding privacy on the internet and what is or might be picked up from a visitors web browser. While the new law covers minors, we thought you might be interested in what we collect and don't collect. For the record, the only information this site gathers is total times the main page is sent to a browser.

Because we are a non-commercial site and do not sell anything we have no need for additional information.

We track total visits more for curiosity than anything else (we do not sell anything). We do not track type of browser, host information or any other data. We do not layout our html for any particular browser, in fact, we regularly test our site with Lynx to ensure that it is still text browser compatible (We set all image tags and make our pictures and maps easily downloadable for text browsing). This entire site is hand coded. No generators have ever been used (even updates to the .map files).

We use a free counter service to count visitors. The counter should not increment more than once per visit unless someone else hits the main page between you (i.e., you should not be able to press reload on the main page and make the counter go up).

Emails: If you send us an email, we reply to it personally. There are occasions where we reply back to you and cc another person who we feel is more capable to answer (or verify our answer) to your question. We will not forward your emails to anyone without you knowing that we did so (the way we let you know is by sending the question and our response back to you and the other person via cc). There are other times when we will simply suggest a person to contact and forward their email address to you. We do not use BCC on messages. Any/all receipents names will be listed in the To or CC headers.

Once we counted emails, categorized them (fishing question, boat rental information, launch site information) and sent out a free report to several local related sport clubs telling them how many people visited during a period of time, and what percentage were looking for information about each item. The report never included email addresses and we never forward your address except as outlined above. We can't do this anymore as we get so much email that it is sometimes hard to reply in a timely manner at all (We are sorry about this). We have never sold email addresses (this site will never sell anything). We have never given out email addresses without the permission of the addressee.

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