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7 Day, 10 Year Low Flows Reports for the Chicagoland Area
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S.T.P. = Sewage Treatment Plant [DISCHARGE]S.T.P. discharge
(in Cubic Feet/Second)
[GAUGE]Gauging Station flow
(Cubic Feet/Second)
[GAUGE]Industrial Discharge
The numbers on this page represent water (or effluent) flows at various discharge points and gauging stations along each waterway. The entries are shown in upstream to downstream order. The flow values shown are the average over the lowest 7-day period in 10 years. In other words, these values are minimums. Normal flows may be much higher.
In general, the flow of given stream increases as you move downstream, but the numbers will not always add up between gauges. Surface evaporation alone can eliminate up to 2.1 cfs per square mile, also groundwater accretion and groundwater recharge will also consume water. For example, due to thin structure underneath, Salt Creek in the Western Springs area has a recharge loss of 6.4cfs.
This list does not include seasonal sites such as camping parks or schools with discharge permits.
For example: The North Shore Sanitary Canal draws a minimum of 0.14 cfs from Lake Michigan at the canals mouth in Wilmette (which is regulated by international treaty), then, the waterway flows southward to the MWRD S.T.P. which discharges a minimum 367.0 cfs of treated effluence into the waterway. The waterway continues to flow south, receives a flow of 17.2 cfs from the North Branch of the Chicago River and then gauges at 385.0 cfs just before meeting the main channel downtown. Questions on what it all means? Email
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