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East Race Whitewater Course
(South Bend, Indiana)
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When boating, regardless of water depth, wear a PFD!
The East Race is open from June to August

Boating information:

  • Private whitewater canoes and kayaks
  • Rental inflatable kayaks and rafts

Other Information

  • Mapquest map
  • Street Parking available
  • 2 hour drive from Chicago
  • Operated by the South Bend Park District

Current Operating Information:

Directions from Chicago:

  • take the Chicago Skyway to the Indiana Toll Road (I-80)
  • get off at the first South Bend exit (which should be U.S. 31)
  • go south to U.S. 20
  • take U.S. 20 east into South Bend
  • follow signs for "East Race" when you get to downtown South Bend.

[wt200.jpg] [drop150.jpg]
[sb1200.jpg] [sb3200.jpg]
(Four slightly different views of the same spot)

South Bend Indiana's East Race Artificial Whitewater Course draws its water from the St. Joseph River. This 1500+ foot long artificial whitewater course is operated by the South Bend Parks and Recreation Department. For more info, you can contact the South Bend Parks and Recreation Department at (219) 235-9401 or check out their web site.

This is a fun place to visit. Bring your own boat, or rent a funyak (inflatable kayak). If you'd like to be more sociable, you can get up to 6 people in the larger rafts. If you rent your vessel from the park district, they also will supply PFD's, helmets and paddles. If you choose to rent watercraft from the Park District, make sure you stay to the right near the end of the waterway (you'll see a sign that says "Keep Right"). If the guards have to throw you a rescue bag to pull you to the take out point they tend to aim for the head.

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