The Educational Aspect

One of the original reasons I set this site up was for educational purposes. I personally learned a lot of math and science through sports and cannot understand why this link is not more emphasized in schools, from elementary schools to college. Fortunately, since establishing this site, I have been contacted by numerous educators looking for ways to introduce this link to their students, so all is not lost.

To educators out there, I encourage you to contact me with ideas for using this material in the classroom. For instance, one teacher in North Carolina wanted a simple database of statistics in order to teach his students how to use database programs, a requirement in that state. Another teacher was interested simply in the odds of a high school basketball player making it to the pros, leading to the article, So You Think You're a Star?, and a project I'd like to continue as time frees up. A professor at Stanford uses some of the work in this Journal as the basis for a course he teaches on the statistics of sports. There is no reason that articles like Basketball's Bell Curve cannot be used in introducing statistics based on a Gaussian distribution.

I don't expect anyone to be as -- someone called it "maniacal" -- as I am about sports and science, but I can only think that a basic understanding of the link between the two would help people to see the link between science and other (perhaps more practical) subjects like law, medicine, management, or even flipping burgers.

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