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2. Huddart Park Loop (06/01/96)

Hikers (4): Peter, Russ, Steve, Taylor
Distance: 6 miles
Rating: 2 difficulty, 8 beauty
Park info: Huddart County Park in Woodside

Write-up by Peter

Esteban and I had both been to Huddart Park before (myself for hashing and Esteban for some girlie volleyball thing) so we decided to check out the trails there. We stopped for lunch at the Woodside Market (where we would return at a later date to purchase the legendary 40 lb. bag of ice for the TCAD summer picnic). Only $12 for a sandwich and bag of chips! When we arrived at the park, there were hundreds of parking spots, but I managed to park right next to a teenage couple who were ready to get down to business in their car. They gave us the Death Look as they drove off (talk about burning rubber!).

We started at the Werder Picnic Area and took the Dean Trail. We followed the convention that at each fork a different person got to choose the direction we would head from there. We ended up taking Richard's Road up the hill. Some major huffing and puffing when we reached the Camping Area at the top. Lunch time! After lunch, it was fairly flat trail to the far end of the park (Skyline Blvd), then a short break on The Bench, then back in along the Chinquapin Trail. Beautiful trails ... not sure why they only gave it a beauty rating of "7". Our hiking skills showed a big improvement over the first hike ... on to bigger and better hikes!

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