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288. Fremont Older's Drunken Hike (10/12/02)

Hikers (13): Cal, Eugene, Hima, Hoy, Hussam, Jackie A, Jayne, Judy, Mary, Russ, Sergei, Steve, Steve Ax
Distance: 9 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 7 beauty
Park info: Fremont Older Open Space Preserve in Cupertino

Write-up by Steve

It was time for another visit to Picchetti Winery the "hard" way, via both Fremont Older and Stevens Creek parks. Although this hike is not easy, we always get pretty good turn outs. Could it be the wine sampling?

We had three new people on the hike, including Steve and Jackie who warned from the start that it had been a long time since they had hiked. Getting to Picchetti from Fremont Older requires hiking down to Steven's Creek reservoir and back up the other side, so by the time you get to the winery, you are pretty thirsty. But with a goal in mind, the trip is quite fun, and the Zinfandel trail (no kidding) is nicely shaded for part of the way. On the trip back, if one has enjoyed just the right about of wine, the (much harder) return trip goes quickly.

We bought and imbibed a record four bottles of wine after trying out the samples [note, sampling now cost $5, which can be deducted from the purchase of a bottle, so there was additional incentive]. I got a nice Merlot, Hoy got the signature Pavone, Russ got a chilled Zinfandel, and I forgot what Surge got, but remember enjoying it! It was almost a picnic, as several people had brought or purchased other items to share as well. Jackie had brought some tasty cheese to go with the wine, as had been suggested jokingly in the hike notice. Too cool!

Spirits were high on the return trip. In fact, Sergei and I agreed to join the "Drunken Hiker Club" if we ever make one. {Don't know how many wineries are hike-accessible, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!} By the time we trudged back to the parking lot, we had sweat away any remnants of our Picchetti visit. After a quick golf-ball-dent inspection (the parking lot abuts a golf course), we ended another spirited INCH adventure.

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