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31. Windy Hill Loop (04/27/97)

Hikers (4): Giri, Peter, Russ, Taylor
Distance: 8 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: Windy Hill Open Space Preserve in Portola Valley

Write-up by Peter

We hadn't been to Windy Hill since the early days of INCH (see Hike #3), so it was time to go back and check it out.

Even though it was almost May, the place was chilly (and windy as usual). Better keep those sweatshirts on while hiking! The good thing about hiking in cool weather (besides not sweating like a pig) is that it keeps the bugs away.

On the way down, Giri and Taylor were happily gossiping away, when I decided it was time to initiate Giri and show him The Moon. Bang! Got him good! He started shrieking like a little girl, and almost fell over. I have to say it was my best ever! Welcome to the INCH, buddy!

Not much else of note on the hike ... we made it to the bottom pretty quickly, had a light snack, then trekked back up to the top of the hill. A quick stop at Togo's for lunch, and then it was home in time to catch the Laker game in the afternoon.

Peter's 30th leaf

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