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382. Five Finger Falls (03/27/04)

Hikers (19): Blinky, Bunny, Cal, Carissa, David, Elaine, Eugene, Glen, Gwynneth, Judy, Kevin T, Mozhdeh, Nancy, Rick, Ross, Russ, Steve, Sue, Tammy
Distance: 14 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: Forest of Nisene Marks State Park in Aptos

Write-up by Blinky -- Pictures by Steve

This is the route we were supposed to take, but only Ross and Steve faithfully followed it (and were literally "up the creek" for quite a while).

Beth tells her story in the form of a modern haiku:

starting the day
in the intel parking lot
eleven, ready.

in the big brown
scooby doo van we drove
over 17.

in line for outhouse
some of us milling around
parking lot.

I over hear Steve say
fractured and people get lost

1-2-3 INCH we yell
and the hike is on, walk into
the forest.

those aren't roots
beneath my feet, they are
rail ties.

trains came in
and took away trees
long ago.

creek hopping
rock to rock needing
those poles.

then there's a sign
commemorating the event

further evidence found
in trails sliding down hillside
shaky footing.

did the train bridges
fall down with age or from

snaking back front
came back to find us, stop,

trail goes nothing
but up and up and up
up more.

what is it to be
intrepid and leading daring us
off trail.

we all went down
down to the water into
the creek.

one jumped in
wet to the knees and

one slipped and
bashed gashed his leg
bloody ouch.

two fleet of foot
skipped like stones ahead
left us.

all but two
went up the big hill

sharp eyed man
points to snake and she

same man later
runs down, too quick and
ankle pain.

stopping by
a wood on a mossy

tall trees stand
hushed and watchful

shutterbugs that see
so much more than me

waterfalls and logs
welcome us to rest and
eat much.

soon its time
again to get going

where are you
I'm lost I hear the

Staying behind
because I saw where
they went.

Now there are
four together in the

We fall far back
behind all the others

Arrow guide us
we get tired and ask
how long.

Oh not all that
far from now we will
go wrong.

Last arrow moved
intuition gets ignored
now lost.

Three boys on bikes
shed light as forest canopy
turns dark.

We four turn back
from where we came a mile
no panic.

Back at that spot
out come the flashlight
and map.

Steve finds us there
happy to be found, led out by
blue light.

Five-finger FallsFive finger lunch

Nancy's 30th leaf

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