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44. Montara Mountain via San Pedro (10/25/97)

Hikers (10): Beth, Cindy, Eric, Eugene, Giri, Kim, Nick Pe, Peter, Russ, Taylor
Distance: 7 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: San Pedro County Park in Pacifica

Write-up by Peter

Pumpkin time! The main motivation for doing this relatively easy hike was to get it over with quickly and visit the pumpkin patches in Half Moon Bay. It's always a popular spot in the days leading up to Halloween.

Pretty big turnout -- 10 people showed up, including Nick, who never hikes anywhere outside of the Lake Tahoe region, and our latest newbie, Cindy. Even Giri showed up for this one!

The hike itself was pretty straightforward, starting with some switchbacks right off the bat, then leading up to fire road, which went all the way to the antennas at the top of Montara Mountain. We all made it to the top in about an hour and a half.

Back row: Eugene, Giri, Russ, Peter, Eric, Nick
Front row: Kim, Cindy

If Esteban was there, he would undoubtedly lecture us about the dangers of eating lunch so close to the source of antenna radiation, but the rest of us didn't care. It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day, so we took our time at the top, enjoying our lunch and taking some pictures. Eric, Nick, and myself joined forces for a classic photo of the Triple Moon. Some observers were stunned, some were amazed, some were simply in awe, but none of those who were there will ever forget it! Contact Muffy for a copy of this now-legendary photograph (we'd be kicked off the web site if we published it here)!

After everyone had recovered from that experience, we headed back down, taking a different trail down to the car. In the spring, this trail leads past a couple of beautiful waterfalls, but this being autumn, there was not much to see. Still, it was a nice little walk for a Saturday afternoon.

Time for pumpkin ice cream!

Beth's 10th leaf
Cindy's 1st leaf

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