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46. Mission Peak (12/06/97)

Hikers (6): Beth, Cindy, Eugene, Peter, Russ, Taylor
Distance: 6 miles
Rating: 4 difficulty, 8 beauty
Park info: Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont

Write-up by Peter

You don't really want to read yet another Mission Peak writeup do you? If so, you need to write your own, because after our 5th trip back, there just ain't much more for me to say!

I just remember three things about this hike (*):

First, this was Rusty's birthday hike, and halfway up the trail I found nice, shiny mylar balloon to give him.

Second, as we went through the gate near the top and began the final half-mile climb to the summit, we were completely shrouded in fog and couldn't see a damn thing.

Third (and most important), I actually made it to the top before Rusty! Truly a highlight for me (tainted only by the fact that I know The Man just lets me beat him once in a while out of pity). But an ugly win is still a win, and I'll take it anytime!

(*) Actually, I had forgotten it was Rusty's birthday hike, but The Man reminded me.

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