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627. Bills Hill and Willson Peak (07/19/08)

Hikers (13): Arlene, David, Diane, George, Harvey, Helen, Jeff, Nani, Paul, Ross, Sabine, Sarah, Steve
Distance: 15 miles
Rating: 4 difficulty, 8 beauty
Park info: Henry Coe State Park near Gilroy

Write-up by Steve -- Pictures by George and Steve

A writeup in bullet form:

The first three INCH cars are Priuses

INCH takes Bill's Hill. . .

. . .and celebrates with watermelon.

NamePoison Oak Mitigation StrategyResults
ArleneLong pants, TecnuLittle PO patches "everywhere"
DavidTecnu Extreme post hikePO where branches scratched legs, right arm
DianeCortaid wipesPO where branches scratched skin, knees
GeorgeLong pants, hyper awareness, Cortaid wipes x 2, Tecnu Extreme post hikeNegligible PO, sunburn
HarveyCortaid wipes x 2, Tecnu, Tecnu Extreme post hikePO where branches scratched legs
HelenLong pants/sleeves, geneticsPO free!
JeffLong pantsPO on arms, hands, and along zipper on detachable pant legs
NaniLong pants/sleevesPO just above ankles
PaulLong pants/sleeves, Calamine post hikePO free!
RossCortaid wipes, clippersPO on upper arms and thighs, where wipes didn't reach
SabineLong sleeves, clippers, geneticsPO everywhere
SarahLong pants, sock change, Cortaid wipes, Witch Hazel post hikePO on wrists and ankles
SteveGeneticsPO on lower legs (minor)

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