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753. Five Peaks of Diablo (11/27/10)

Hikers (28): Alan, Arlene, Clive, Diane, Gavin, George, Harvey, Hima, Iris, Janice, Jeff, John, Karl, Mike, Padraig, Paul, Peter, Peter M, Robert, Ross, Rufina, Russ, Sarah, Shuli, Stacy, Steve, Tiffany, Wendy
Distance: 15 miles
Rating: 4 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: Mt. Diablo State Park near Clayton

Peter owes a writeup! -- Pictures by Karl

Hey, wait for me!!!

Starting out on a cold morning -- everyone except me was dressed for Alaska

Lot's of nice muddy trails to slog through

Ominous clouds forming as we head up Olympia Peak

Life is good for George ...

... and Karl

Enough socializing! Time to hit North Peak.

Inside the warm and dry shelter at the Summit

Post-hike grub!

The best meals are prepared outside the men's bathroom

Mmmmmmm, this hot chili hit the spot after hiking in the cold all day

Extra credit to the ones who did the optional 5th peak -- North Peak -- in treacherous conditions: Alan W, George, Harvey, John, Paul, Robert, Ross, Shuli, and myself (if I missed anyone please let me know). Actually, it wasn't that treacherous. The footing was relatively soft thanks to the rain, which made coming down the steep slope a lot easier than usual. But we are studs nonetheless for attempting it!

Highest point in Contra Costa county
Clive's 60th leaf
Mike's 50th leaf
Peter M's 50th leaf

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