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378. Sanborn Trail (02/28/04)

Hikers (20): Andy, Barbara, Bunny, Cal, Carissa, Chester, Costa, George, Glen, Gwynneth, Hoy, Janice, Jason, Jennifer D, Nancy, Padraig, Peter, Ross, Russ, Steve
Distance: 9 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 8 beauty
Park info: Sanborn County Park near Saratoga

Write-up by Russ

It was my turn for a hike and as always I was having a hard time thinking of which hike to do. The first Sanborn hike seemed reasonably challenging and due to some time constraints, the highlights are going to Indian and Summit Rocks. Some people didn't make it to Summit Rock the first time, so it was time to do it right.

1-2-3 INCH!

Like any good INCH hike, we stumbled around for a bit trying to find the trailhead for the hike.

1-2-3 INCH!

It was another good sized crowd for a hike and we were off at a pretty good pace. Towards the rear was the newbie Jennifer D and Andy who was nice enough to hang back with her. She was struggling with her small backpack, jeans and sneakers. I hung back with them a bit to make sure they were alright. On the way out, TM was telling everyone about his exciting wedding plans and how he was taking ballroom dancing lessons. There were many requests for a demonstration.

Went I got to Summit Rock I saw a bunch of the INCH'ers had already climbed up the thing. I could only think here was a lawsuit waiting to happen and thank god for the disclaimer. Someone (probably George or Ross) convinced me that it was safe to go up. In fact, almost everyone else was up the rock already. With Padraig pulling me up, I got to the summit of Summit Rock.

While enjoying the view, I saw that Nancy and TM were the only people who didn't risk their lives climbing up Sanborn rock (I guess getting married gives TM too much to live for). It seemed like they decided they needed something to do, so TM and Nancy started waltzing. Right in the middle of the trail! What kind of hiking group did these guys think this is? Naturally the cameras came out and everyone was snapping pictures of this incredible sight. I have to say that TM didn't look half bad, though Nancy had to lead.

The way back was mostly uneventful. Some of the people who skipped going to Indian Rock on the way to Summit had to do the side trip to Indian Rock on the way back to see what that is about. The rest of us raced back to the cars like we were in the Amazing Race.

We got back and rested for a while and realized that Andy and the newbie were still out. We waited and waited. People decided to start leaving. I was 'stuck' since it was my hike and thought I should try to wait around to make sure they get back ok. We tried raising them on the walkie. Finally got a hold of them and heard things like "We're at such and such place, how do we get back." Like I had any idea. Finally after what was probably an hour, Andy and Jennifer made their way back.

It was another great INCH moment and I still haven't lost anyone on a hike.

Andy's 10th leaf
George's 20th leaf
Jennifer D's 1st leaf
Peter's 260th leaf
Ross's 10th leaf

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