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4. Mission Peak (06/15/96)

Hikers (7): Peter, Ram, Razzle, Russ, Shadow, Steve, Taylor
Distance: 6 miles
Rating: 4 difficulty, 8 beauty
Park info: Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont

Write-up by Peter

Our first new members ... Ram, together with his dogs Razzle and Shadow!

We picked up lunch at a Middle Eastern Mom and Pop deli near Ohlone College. After driving up and down the road a few times, we finally found the turnoff for the trailhead. Ram (who, unlike us, had never been there before) found the trailhead immediately, and had to wait for us for about an hour. Since he had a deluxe backpack, we let him have the pleasure of carrying most of the drinks.

We finally got going around noon. My tummy was already starting to rumble (not a good sign)! Disaster was to follow -- Ram's dogs starting running wild and disappeared completely from view. So much for the electronic leash! The pack forged on ahead while Ram went off-trail down into the brush (prime rattlesnake territory) to look for his dogs. After we'd gone another mile, it became apparent that Ram was not continuing the hike. At this point, Taylor and I learned a valuable hiking lesson: Carry your own supplies at all times!

Onward .... Russ had to go to a party in San Francisco in the afternoon, so he practically ran up to the peak. Esteban was right up there with him. Taylor and I slogged slowly up the hot, dusty, buggy trail. Taylor did her famous "bug dance" all the way up the hill. We also managed to avoid the famous Mission Peak Killer Cows ... Moooooo!

The trail flattened out a bit, and we made the final push towards the top. The last quarter-mile was a pretty steep climb, but it felt good. At the top, Esteban kindly shared his Gatorade (I guess he figured it was either that, or he'd have to drag my carcass all the way back). Nice view, and well worth the climb.

Ram's 1st leaf
Razzle's 1st leaf
Shadow's 1st leaf

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