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493. Mine Hill Loop (03/04/06)

Hikers (27): Bruce, Carissa, Chester, Dinesh, Edita, Eugene, George, Harvey, Helen, Hima, Janice, Julie, Nik, Padraig, Paul, Pearl, Peter, Rich, Russ, Sabine, Scott, Sparky, Stacy, Sue, Taylor, Walter, Wennie
Distance: 12 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 7 beauty
Park info: Almaden Quicksilver County Park in south San Jose

Write-up by Peter and George

No official write-up yet (I think everyone made it back OK), but read all about the adventures of Pearl, courtesy of George:

Besides the tick on Chester's neck and the one I found crawling on Pearl at lunch, another one showed up on the shower wall as I rinsed the dirt and sand off Pearl. This is the dirtiest she has ever been. It took quite a while just to get all the dirt and sand off. Then I applied AvoDerm Flea and Tick Shampoo. It has always worked well on my dogs. I lathered her up good, and then put even more on, and left it for a while as they say to do in the instructions. I was sure to get behind her ears, her armpits, and other delicate corners and crevices to make sure no ticks were hiding (TMI, TMI !)

After rinsing that off I used a nice Coconut/Mango Shampoo with Conditioner so she doesn't have that insecticide smell later. Anneliese took her for a walk to give her a chance to airdry.

While Anneliese was petting her tummy she said 'what's this'. I took a look, a tick was attached to her tummy. Luckily, even though it had just strarted to burrow in, I was able to yank it out with my fingernails and nothing was left behind. Determined little buggers! She is getting a thorough inspection with a flashlight by Anneliese. Pearl is her favorite stuffed toy, and there is no way any ticks are going to be around if she can help it.

Someone once told me that ticks come out when there is moisture, perhaps that is why, along with the warmish weather this winter, they are out in force.

It'll be another year before Pearl takes another INCH hike. Her paws, tip of her tail, and chest are pure white right now. Tomorrow she will be puffed up like a giant hairball, but within another day her fur will settle down and she will be amazingly soft to the touch. Anneliese won't let go of her for days.

Harvey's 20th leaf
Sparky's 50th leaf
Stacy's 10th leaf

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