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567. Sweeney Ridge Loop (06/03/07)

Hikers (19): Alan B, Cynthia, David, Gavin, Greta, Janice, Jeff, Jinglan, Judy, Nani, Nick S, Nina, Padraig, Paul, Russ, Sabine, Scott, Steve, Wennie
Distance: 10 miles
Rating: 2 difficulty, 8 beauty
Park info: Sweeney Ridge in San Bruno

Russ owes a writeup! -- Pictures by Alan B

Alan B's photos from the hike!

From Steve:
Well, Russ will never write this up, but here's a bonus story. Before the hike I noticed it was about 10 miles from Sweeney Ridge to Montara Mountain, and both Google Earth and a Topo map showed a clear path. I decided to give it a go.

We split up near the Portola Camp site, where Don Gaspar de Portola's party supposedly first spied the mouth of the San Francisco Bay. If they had been there the day we were, they wouldn't have seen Jack, thanks to the thick fog.

Much adventure followed, which I will leave out to protect the innocent. I did make it to the North Peak of Montara mountain, which turned out to be 10 miles each way (likely would have scrapped the idea if had I realized this earlier, but the peak wasn't visible until I was already halfway there. . .). Luckily, I was training for the 40-mile hike, so was carrying tons of extra water.

Hiked back to Sweeney Ridge and did the rest of the hike as well. Would later discover that I was the only person who hiked to Cattle Hill (which was unsigned). The path to the "peak" kept going (contrary to the map), so followed it to its conclusion, which was a steep drop to the back of a church (thus bypassing the whole residential avenue section of the hike).

After lots of uninspiring Highway 1 hiking, and one mad dash across the HWY 1 intersection (what underpass?), the fogged-in hike back up Mori Ridge to Skyline College was a welcome (though steep) relief. 25 miles total--wouldn't recommend trying to get to Montara Mountain from Skyline College, but would recommend the "Cattle Hill to Church" route.

Alan B's 1st leaf
Janice's 151st leaf (and shot)
Padraig's 110th leaf

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