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686. Purisima Loop (08/09/09)

Hikers (22): Alan, Bill R, Cecilia, David, Diane, Helen, Isai, John, Karl, Linda, Linda L, Meghan, Mike, Paul, Peter M, Russ, San, Sarah, Scott, Steve, Suzie, Wennie
Distance: 16 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve near Woodside

Write-up by Russ

Just a few notes...parked at the North Ridge Trail parking lot. Much better from the number of parking spots perspective. Will have to that from now on, but we miss out on the steep up the Purisima Creek Trail. Sarah convinced me going down Whitmore Gulch Trail was the way to go because of the views. The views were nice.

Went up Borden Hatch Mill Trail to Bald Knob. Steve convinced many INCH'ers to go down the Irish Ridge Trail, but I wasn't falling for it. I decided the next Purisima hike will do that and take a shorter way back. Don't tell Steve...don't want him to think I ever listen to him.

Looped to the Soda Gulch Trail through Grabtown Gulch. Started dragging at the end, but luckily Diane gave me an extra Clif Bar she was carrying. Next time, I won't try to do a 16 mile hike without bringing any food.

Meghan's 1st leaf
Steve's 540th leaf

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