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781. Cactus to Clouds (06/10/11)

Hikers (3): Gavin, Jeff, Steve
Distance: 21 miles
Rating: 5 difficulty, 6 beauty
Park info: Mt. San Jacinto State Park in Palm Springs

Steve owes a writeup! -- Pictures by Jeff and Steve

Here's what I remember from this fateful hike. Started at 3:13am and got to the tram station a little before 9:30am. I would learn this was well before the summit cafe opens. My whole plan was to get an early brunch before hitting the peak. I had already eaten almost all my trail food. To make matters worse, I only had a credit card, so couldn't buy a calorie-laden Coke from the many tempting vending machines. Made it to the summit in good shape right around 1pm. After that, was dragging heavily when I ran into Jeff and Gavin on the way back. Felt (mentally, if not physically) better by scoring a free trip down on the tram! If you look sweaty enough, there are no questions.

The cactus part of the hike

Truly happy to be done

Gavin bags another high point

Jeff on Mt. San Jacinto

Yep, there was still snow, but only on the west-facing sides

Highest point in Riverside county

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