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845. Mississippi Ridge Trail (09/01/12)

Hikers (11): Angelika, Chinyet, Iris, Isai, Jeff, John, Kirk, Sarah, Shuli, Steve, Tiffany
Distance: 21 miles
Rating: 5 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: Henry Coe State Park toward Hollister

Write-up by Steve -- Pictures by Steve, Iris and Eric L

At 21 miles and just under 5k of elevation gain, it squeaks in with a Level 5. Despite having the same destination as the previous week, it shared less than a mile of common trail.


Waiting for the laggards on Mississippi Ridge Trail

The Mississippi Ridge route provides a view of the dam that makes the "Lake" possible

Some color at Caviata Sping

Filtering water on the algae-clogged coast of Mississippi Lake

South end of Mississippi Lake

Halfway done

James Spring was full. . .of everything

Popular swimming hole, judging from the six picnic tables in the immediate vicinity, but probably only gets used during Backcountry Weekend

Casa de Restaurant never disappoints. . .much

Chinyet's 30th leaf

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