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1163. Kelly Lake Loop (01/27/19)

Hikers (13): Alan, Brad, Craig A, Giulia, Hong, Karl, Mihail, Milon, Peter, Qi, Sarbinder, Susan CF, Yipeng
Distance: 22 miles
Rating: 5 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: Henry Coe State Park east of Morgan Hill

Peter owes a writeup! -- Pictures by Giulia, Karl, Milon, Qi, Susan, and Yipeng

Karl's all smiles for his 300th hike, but he's gonna have to earn that leaf the hard way!

Front-runners arrive at Willson Peak ...

The crowd gathers for the big ceremony ...


Honorable mention to Steve for dropping by Willson Peak the prior day

Big Henry gave us a beautiful day for the big occasion

Nice water in the creeks added to the fun

Good form rock hopping!

Happy 300th Karl!

Giulia's 130th leaf
Karl's 3rd forest

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